What to Expect


When your first set foot onto our poolside you can expect to be greeted by a friendly and approachable coach. They will take you through your warm up and explain the aims of the session before introducing you to your lane and it’s swimmers. Relatedness is a key part of what we do here at Durham and we will always aim to put swimmers in a lane with people of a similar ability and age.


As an athlete at Durham City Aquatics you can expect to be part of a squad with a Lead Coach. Your squad coach is responsible for planning your training program. You can expect that program to be challenging, but suited to your individual needs.


You can expect to be kept up to date with feedback from your squad coach. This can include things that you’re doing well in, things you can improve on, results from test sets or competitions and video analysis.


We understand that athletes of all ages have a great deal to contend with, so you can expect the club to support you by making sure that all of our coaches and athlete support personnel adhere to codes of conduct, are up to date with DBS checks, Safeguarding Training as well as relevant Continuous Professional Development.

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