Water Polo Squads


The Water Polo section is broken down into a number of squads that cater for athletes of different ages and abilities. At the lower end of the structure is the Dragons, followed by the 2006s2004s and 16+



For players aged up to approximately 11 years old. This is where you will learn the basics in a fun and informal setting.



This is our under 14s squad where players are of an age to be eligible for the Regional Academy and National Academy. Training sessions are more formal, building on the skills you’ve learnt in Dragons and developing them into more intense drills and game play situations.


2004s and 16+ 

For players aged 15 and over. Those still under 16 are still eligible for the Regional and National Academies. Everyone in this squad will take part in drills and game play in order to create well rounded water polo who have the potential to compete for National League, University and potentially National teams.