Programme of Events

Sunday 7th October Sunday 14th October
1400 Warm Up at Bedale LC 1400 Warm Up at Bedale LC
101 Girls 9yrs+ 200m IM 201 Boys 9yrs+ 200m IM
102 Boys Open 100m IM 202 Girls Open 100m IM
103 Girls 10yrs&U 25m FC 203 Boys 10yrs&U 25m BRS
104 Boys 10yrs&U 25m FC 204 Girls 10yrs&U 25m BRS
105 Girls 9yrs+ 50m FLY 205 Boys 9yrs+ 50m FC
106 Boys 9yrs+ 50m FLY 206 Girls 9yrs+ 50m FC
107 Girls 9yrs+ 100m BC 207 Boys 9yrs+ 100m FLY
108 Boys 9yrs+ 100m BC 208 Girls 9yrs+ 100m FLY
FINALS of 25m Events FINALS of 25m Events
109 Girls 9yrs+ 200m BC 209 Boys 9yrs+ 200m BC
110 Boys 9yrs+ 200m BRS 210 Girls 9yrs+ 200m BRS

Sunday 11th November Sunday 18th November
1400 Warm Up at Bedale LC 1400 Warm Up at Bedale LC
301 Girls Open 25m DASH 401 Boys Open 25m DASH
302 Boys 10yrs&U 25m BC 402 Girls 10yrs&U 25m FLY
303 Girls 10yrs&U 25m BC 403 Boys 10yrs&U 25m FLY
304 Boys 9yrs+ 50m BRS 404 Girls 9yrs+ 50m BC
305 Girls 9yrs+ 50m BRS 405 Boys 9yrs+ 50m BC
306 Boys 9yrs+ 100m FC 406 Girls 9yrs+ 100m BRS
307 Girls 9yrs+ 100m FC 407 Boys 9yrs+ 100m BRS
FINALS of 25m Events FINALS of 25m Events
308 Boys 9yrs+ 200m FLY 308 Girls 9yrs+ 200m FLY
309 Girls 9yrs+ 200m FC 309 Boys 9yrs+ 200m FC

BAGCAT points system for 9yrs+ using FINA points tables for the club champions. Position points system for 8yrs +U on 25m races and 100IM only. Junior otters to swim in event 3 & 4 each night and can compete in their own age group. All 25m races are not part of BAGCAT points system
BACAT Catagories
Best Sprint - 50m any stroke
Best Sprint - 100m any stroke
Form - 200m back, breast or fly
Distance - 200m Freestyle
Individual Medley - 100m, 200m IM
All events other than the 25m events are HDW All Races
£1 per event - paper based entries. £2 admin fee applies

Entry Checking

Details to be confirmed


Details to be confirmed

Presentation Evening - 7th December

Details to be confirmed

Conditions of entry

  • Meet to be held at Bedale Leisure Centre – the Pool length is 25m

  • Gala is licensed level 4 for county and open meet entries. All 50, 100 and 200m events will be sent to rankings

  • Manual timing to be used

  • Age Groups

    • 8yrs& Under

    • 9/10 Years

    • 11/12 Years

    • 13/14 Years

    • 15+ Years

  • Event Eligibility - Ages

    • 8years, 25m all strokes, 100m IM, please note any swimmer accepted must have been ratified by the relevant club coach for each event, should this be found not to have occurred the swimmer shall be disqualified from all events and invalidated from all presentations.

    • 9/10 years, 25m all strokes, 50m Form Strokes, 100m Form Stokes, 100m IM, 200 IM and 200m form strokes

    • 11/12 years 50m all strokes, 100m Form Strokes 100m IM, 200IM and 200m form strokes. .

    • 13/14 years 50m all strokes, 100m Form Strokes 100m IM, 200IM and 200m form strokes.

    • 15+years 50m all strokes, 100m Form Strokes 100m IM, 200IM and 200m form strokes.

  • Only swimmers who are registered with the ASA  for 28 days prior to the first round may compete at the championships

  • Swimmers must be ranked with Northallerton ASC to be eligible for positions/points

  • All age groups and types of member have the ability to compete in the OPEN 25m Dash

  • All 200m Events other than 25m races will be HDW

  • Ages are as at 31st October 2018

  • Heats will be seeded according to submitted times

  • There will be 4 sessions due to pool time availability

  • Session Length will be 40mins warm up time. 3.5 hours Session Length

  • For safety reasons only swimmers who can perform an ASA competitive start may perform a shallow racing dive from the starting blocks.

  • Anyone wishing to use photographic equipment within the pool area must register at the spectators’ desk beforehand

  • Where possible, over-the-top starts will be used during the meet. Swimmers are requested to remain in the water until asked to leave the pool

  • All events will be charged at £1

  • Spectators will be admitted to the event free of charge but there will be a raffle and the option to buy a programme for £1 a round

  • Presentations will be conducted at the annual awards evening on 7th December

  • The lead referee will be Iain Young

  • Any points not covered here will be at the discretion of the meet organiser - Greg Ient

  • Event order has been published to all members