MOORS LEAGUE TEAM SELECTION - Saturday 2nd March 2019. 1.30pm Warm Up at Eston Leisure Centre

Greg Ient
Dear All,
I have spent a considerable amount of time over the past week analysing the results from the last Moors League Gala. As alluded to in the report from the meet published on email and the team feed; there are a number of considerations that I have taken into place in regards to the team selection and deployment at the meet. Having reviewed the events to considerable detail, pending a full team being available, there will be a number of changes deployed to the allocation of swims to take into consideration some tactical points noted.
Please respond ASAP so I can ensure that a full team is present. This team will be reviewed for each of the Moors League series galas so please ensure that you check through.  
Deadline for response Wednesday 20th February, after this date reserves may be called upon and you will forfeit your place. Ages as of 31st December 2019.  
Full details of the NASC Moors Team selection policy can be found online at:  
Kind Regards,