New Membership Promotion *FREE HAT AVAILABLE*

Greg Ient
Dear Members,
As part of our ongoing improving service we recently got approval to move our swim training on a Wednesday to operate from 6-9pm. This is great news for our members and will allow a change in training times. 
As part of this restructure we have been able to identify a lane of space for a new group of Junior Otters to start swimming with us on a Wednesday Evening 6-7pm. We need your help to get numbers into the pool to ensure we can make this a success.
NASC are on the hunt for swimmers in swimming lessons between Stages 5 and Challenge awards to start swimming with us on this session, if you can assist us by actively referring a new member into the club we will reward you with *one free red NASC swimming hat when they sign up and complete their initial payments. This promotion runs from today, 1st September, through to the end of the month (30th September).
Simply get new members to get in touch with the club, we will then invite them along on our first Wednesday session on the new training programme.
Any questions please get in touch with either myself or Sam
Kind Regards,
* Members can only claim one free swimming hat each. The option to change colour of the free hat may be given inline with the members current success criteria being met.