Junior Squad Spaces

Greg Ient
Dear Junior Squad Participants,
As part of our ongoing improving service we recently got approval to move our swim training on a Wednesday to operate from 6-9pm. This is great news for our members and will allow a change in training times. 
As part of this restructure we are able to offer you potential more time in the pool to help you with your swim fitness, technique and outcomes in the sport. We currently have spaces on the following days/times;
  • Monday evening 6-7pm
  • Wednesday Evening 6-7pm
  • Sunday evening 4.30-5.30pm
If you wish to increase the amount of sessions that you are swimming with us please get in touch with us,  nasc@nasc.co.uk, or speak to a member of the coaching team if you need more guidance. Each additional session undertaken with NASC comes at the reduced rate of £6p/m making it great value for money to swim more often with us! It is well documented with current members history that doing an extra our in the pool can increase the likelihood of personal bests and in turn lead to some great results.
Please let me know if you wish to increase your training time with us.
Kind Regards,