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Data Protection - Privacy Statement



In line with the updated Data Protection Act 2018, you have a right to:

  • Be informed when, why and how we are collecting your personal data;
  • Access to any data/information we have collected on you, for example, health status, demographics, swim times;
  • Amend this data and have this data removed and
  • Restrict us from processing your information, for example, you may choose not to receive updates from the Club.

Your personal details are your property.  The data collected on the Membership Form is only used by key staff at the Swimming Club (namely Club Coaches, Team Managers, Membership Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer and Secretary) and will be used fairly and transparently.  It will not be shared with third parties unless you are informed otherwise.  Parental consent for the collection of data is required for anyone under the age of 18 years.


New Enquiries - Temporary Member

When a new swimmer commences a 3-session trial with the Club all parents/guardians will be asked to complete a temporary membership form.  This form captures some basic, essential information such as name, date of birth, emergency contact numbers and any health details that the Club needs to be aware of.

New swimmer details are added to the membership database which is stored securely and password protected.  The Club’s Membership Secretary, as the custodian of the database, is the only Club member with access to amend data.


Fully Registered Swimmer

When a swimmer joins fully, a full membership form is required to be completed together with Swim England membership form and photograph consent form.  The full membership form will ask for some additional information including medical details (see below) and your Swim England membership number if known.  The full membership form replaces the temporary version and can be completed electronically and submitted to the Membership Secretary.  Club membership and photography consent is renewed annually in June.


The hard copy of the photograph consent form is retained on file.  The publishing of a photograph or video footage on a social networking site is governed by the same requirements as those contained in the Swim England Photograph Policy.  Where an ‘away’ event is capturing images or filming an event, you will be advised as early as possible of any filming or photography taking place, so that any concerns can be raised with the Club or the event organiser and work together to address any concerns.


As well as official photographers, friends and family of children may wish to take photographs to celebrate their sporting achievements.  If photography is allowed in a venue then those taking photographs of children should focus on their own family member/s and friends.  If other individuals are identifiable from those images, they should not be shared on social media without permission of the other identifiable individual/s.


Signing up to full Club membership will enable us to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at the Club – key dates and information regarding future galas/competitions etc.  We may also use your email address to contact you about other matters on an individual / squad basis.


Medical Information

The safety of our swimmers is paramount, therefore, it is essential that the Club coaches are aware of any health issues that could impact a swimmer’s safety.  The Club Chairperson, Membership Secretary and Competition Secretary also have access to the database that holds medical information.  In addition, the Club Coaches and Team Managers, when looking after swimmers poolside at galas, hold a list of all competing Club swimmers, together with medical details and contact details.


The full membership form requests details relating to any health issues that you feel the Club should be made aware of.  We also ask that you provide detail of any medication that might be required in relation to a health issue.


Medical information is held by the Membership Secretary in electronic form and by the Team Managers in hard copy form.  Your explicit consent is required to hold such information with your signature on the full membership form.


We store this information securely with passwords and files/folders containing member identifiable information is encrypted, with access restricted to those key Club officials who need it to carry out the Club’s activities.


Data will be collected on an annual basis in June to ensure that our records are accurate and kept up-to-date.  When a swimmer leaves the Club that information will be removed.


Information Others Collect


Swim England

Is the national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming.  Again, some personal details will be required by Swim England and as a competitive swimmer you will be required to renew your Swim England membership annually.  This membership covers important matters such as insurance – without it swimmers are unable to enter or swim in galas.


When you sign up to be a member, certain details such as your name, year of birth and gender will be visible to other members.  However, you can choose to hide this information by logging into the Club Members’ Area at  If you take part in events your name will appear in the rankings tables unless you have chosen to hide your name.


Swim England has its own Privacy Policy on the Swim England website


Disclosing Your Details to Others

Some basic personal details are required when entering galas and competitions, such as name, date of birth, Swim England membership number and individual best times by event.  Again, for this purpose only the relevant information is requested in order that the bare minimum is disclosed and name, age and individual best times will appear in the published competition programme.


If there is any other reason for us to share files that contain personal data by email the file will be encrypted, but you will be informed when your personal data is being shared with others outside of the Swimming Club.


Questions, Requests and Updates

Under the Data Protection Act we have an obligation to ensure that membership details held are accurate.  Therefore, please let us know of any changes.  Or, if you would like a copy of the data we hold on you, or have any questions about how your data is used, please contact the Membership Secretary via email at:  [email protected]


June 2020

Data Protection Statement

Version 2 290521