Newcastle Staffs Swimming Club

The home of Performance Swimming In Staffordshire

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Our Mission

We aim to be a friendly, professional club with pride in our team. Our mission is to support our swimmers' development by providing them with the tools that they need to unlock their full potential, whilst having fun.


Our Core Values

We are passionate about developing qualities in our swimmers that will not only equip them with the tools to develop as high-performing swimmers, but will also stand them in good stead for life. These values help to shape a "Newcastle swimmer" and are key to what sets us apart.

Committed - to unlocking the best version of me

Resilient - to setbacks and robust under pressure

Respectful - to my teammates, coaches and parents

Part of the TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More


Bringing our Values to Life

How these values are brought to life within our club are explained in a bit more detail in this 'Guide to Unlocking our Swimmer's Full Potential'