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Monthly training fees are due in advance on the 1st of the month. Fees differ by squad. Squad fees are charged for all 12 months of the year despite the summer break and they are prorated to reflect this.


Monthly Training Fee

Stroke Improvers













£21 (1 session per week)

£33 (2 sessions per week)

£44 (3 sessions per week)

£55 (4-6 sessions per week)

Land Training



An annual membership fee is payable on joining and due for renewal at the start of the membership year on 1st July. New members who join in the second half of the membership year (i.e.January - June) pay 50% of the annual fee.

Membership Type

Annual membership Fee

Single (non-competitive squads*) & students

Single (competitive squads**)





*Academy & Masters       **Junior, Development, Regional & National


Family discount applies to those with more than one family member in the club. Full training fees are charged to the family member in the most expensive squad, then subsequent members each benefit from a 10% discount on their training fees. The annual membership fee for families is £85, irrespective of the number of club members in the family.

Students away at university only have to pay training fees when they return to train with us during the holidays. University students living locally and training full-time pay full fees (as above). All students benefit from a reduced annual membership fee (see above). Proof of student status is required in the form of a valid student's union card.


Swim England fees are payable annually on 31st December. Swim England membership is compulsory as it includes your insurance to swim. There are 3 categories of membership and current fees for 2024 are:

Membership Category

Annual Swim England Membership Fee

Club train 


Club compete


Club support*

no charge for club volunteers

*The club will pay 'club support' membership for any volunteers who help with the running of the club.