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Land training                      

Land training is used to improve a swimmer's performance in the pool. It is critical that the land training programme is complementary to the pool programme and that both swim coach and land training coach communicate at every stage to ensure optimal effectiveness of both programmes. We believe that this is where Newcastle is unique as our Head Coach (John Davey) and S&C coach (Adam Brigham) work hand in hand to deliver maximum benefit to the individual athlete, based on an understanding of the individual's strengths and weaknesses.

These are the 4 main ways in which land training can help a swimmer:

  1. Improves stroke technique and body biomechanics (by creating muscle memory, improving posture and overall body positioning and preventing hyperextension)
  2. Develops a swim-specific strength training programme (examples include focussing on improving a swimmer's pull, catch, strength and power off the wall etc.)
  3. Develops core strength and improves speed (fast swimming comes from powerful strokes, powerful strokes come from a strong core which, in turn, is key to achieving a streamlined position)
  4. Injury prevention (muscle weakness, particularly "swimmer's shoulder", being a leading cause of injury)


NSSC has teamed up with S&C expert Adam Brigham from Adapt Health, Fitness & Education. Read more about Adam here.




What you can expect from land training at NSSC

The land training programme will shift from an emphasis on aerobic fitness to Strength & Conditioning (S&C). Training will begin by introducing all swimmers to good movement mechanics, learning to push, pull and carry loads safely. This style of training will embed a lifelong understanding of how to reduce the risk of injury with full body movements and increased body awareness; both of which will benefit participation in all sports as well as improving general health and provide an understanding of safety within a gym environment.

Once swimmers are competent with the basics, they will move towards loaded exercises, again with an emphasis on good movement mechanics but also muscular strength and endurance. 

Introduction to strength training will be very much dependent on the individual's needs and stage of development. Our senior swimmers will receive personalised S&C programmes, which they will be expected to undertake in their own time.