Swimming Technical officials (STOs) are a central part of every swimming event and play an important role in ensuring the events run smoothly, safely and within the sport’s requirements for training as Technical Officials.

This is a summary of the requirements for training at each level within British Swimming:

Timekeeper – minimum age 14 years to commence training and qualification.

Judge Level 1 – minimum age for training 15 years, final assessment minimum age 16 years.

Judge Level 2 – proven post qualification experience as Judge Level 1 and a minimum age for training 16 years.

Judge Level 2S (Starter) – a minimum of 20 hours post qualification experience as Judge Level 2.

Referee – The Candidate must apply on the appropriate form to the British Swimming Swimming Officials Co-ordinator who will check the following: 

 Applicant is a current registered official.

Applicant must be a minimum of 19 years of age (20 years as at date of exam).

Applicant is qualified as a Judge 2S and has completed a minimum of 50 recorded hours across all roles of officiating and at a variety of levels of meet since the date of qualification. (This is in addition to the 10 hours consolidation required post-J2S qualification.)

 Applicant must obtain the approval of their County/Regional Officials Co- ordinator before applying and provide them with evidence of the 50+ signed hours (by officials’ log book or similar).

Signed or email confirmation from County and Region Coordinators

Application is by written document to the BS Swimming Officials Co-ordinator by the 31st December of the year prior to the training period commencing. The applicant must enclose the relevant fee (cheque payable to British Swimming Ltd).

Theory examination re-sits must enclose the relevant fee (cheque payable to British Swimming Ltd) and apply within the timescales advised in their results notification.

Please read the British Swimming information note on the Referees training process.


Referee criteria: HERE

Referee Course Tutors in the South East are:

Mr G Adamson, Southampton Ms S Ashton, Oxford
Mr I Bond, East Grinstead Mrs J Davies, Sittingbourne
Mr R Drage, Worthing Mr R Drage, Worthing
Ms S Harrison, Eton Mrs P Hogg, Guernsey
Mr C Jones, Oxford Mr R Prior, Eton

Within ONB, Training courses can be provided either by attending a structured training course scheduled by the County or via attending an ad-hoc course arranged by a tutor in conjunction with a hosting club.

The steps to follow in either case are detailed here.

Karen Underwood

Officials Sec   [email protected]