The Oxfordshire and North Buckinghamshire (ONB) Amateur Swimming Association is made up of representatives from each club/discipline, elected officers, plus members of associations and bodies affiliated to the South East Region.   The Annual General Meeting is held in July every year to vote in the Officers of the Association. The ONB ASA Constitution can be found here.

Our Elected Officers as at the 6th July 2021 AGM are below:  

ONB Chair  Karen Underwood here
ONB Sec Nicky Mellings here
ONB Treasurer Ian Powell [email protected]
Swimming Championships Secretary Oliver Stockland [email protected]
Fixtures Secretary                       Donna Wheatley [email protected]
County Records Officer                                              Peter Shaw [email protected]
Artistic Swimming Secretary                                     Mandy Fuller [email protected]
Officials Coordinator Karen Underwood [email protected]
Masters Secretary                                                         Amanda Readhead here
Awards Trustee Vacant  
Disability Secretary Amanda Readhead here
Lead Team Manager Chantal Clavaud [email protected]
Girls Team Manager Hannah Wilson  
Boys Team Manager Vacant Vacant as at May 2021
County Team Coach  Noel Horton  
Selection Committee* See Below  
Masters Records Officer David Hall [email protected]
Welfare Officer (Counties) Vacant  
Officials Administrator Felicity Govan [email protected]
County SwimMark Coordinator Kim Weetman [email protected]
Social Media Coordinator Stephen Wynne-Jones [email protected]
Water Polo Secretary Vacant  
Diving Secretary Vacant  

*Selection Committee 20/21: Fixtures Sec, County Team Coach, Lead Team Manager, GTM, BTM and Head Coach of 4 Top Clubs (Counties) not represented by preceeding members (ie AVSC, NPSC, ADSC & WWH). Selection Cttee for 21/22 will be confirmed once Boys TM appointed.