Thank you for your interest in nonprofit offers from Microsoft. Below, I’ve outlined next steps to get started by registering with Microsoft as well as several of our donation offers for nonprofits. Once you’ve registered, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer any questions and connect you with a local partner.

Get Started:

  1. Register: The first step is to register with Microsoft. You must complete our registration form and provide proof of your organization’s eligibility, like your charity registration information.
  2. Eligibility validation: We will verify your organization's eligibility. Our eligibility validation partner, TechSoup or their local partner, may contact you for additional information.
  3. Eligibility notification: Once validation is complete, you will receive an email with your eligibility results.
  4. Access offers: If you are eligible, the email will include a link to the Microsoft Nonprofit Portal to access our nonprofit offers.

Get Microsoft 365 Business Premium free: To support nonprofits to enable secure remote work, we are now offering Microsoft 365 Business Premium free for up to 10 users and discounted pricing at $5.50 per user/month for additional users.

Annual donated credits: Leverage $3,500 (USD) donated Azure services credits per year and access the complete portfolio of Azure cloud solutions and service. Watch this short video to learn how to activate your organization’s Azure credits.

Nonprofit Azure Onboarding Concierge and Success Center: Microsoft is offering a free Azure Onboarding Concierge service for organizations who are new to the Azure grant or would like a refresher to help you maximize your credits. To get started with your sponsorship, please schedule time with the Nonprofit Azure Onboarding Concierge and Success Center to help you set up your grant subscription, provide governance and cost management best practices, and provide resources to help you deploy Azure workloads in alignment with your cloud goals.

Visit to learn more about Microsoft solutions for nonprofits, including Microsoft 365Azure and Dynamics 365.

Once you’ve registered, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer any questions and connect you with a local partner.


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