Swimming results uploader

Swim England has been working on a system whereby the results of a swimming licensed meet can be uploaded directly by the promoter here (or member of the event team) rather than waiting a few days for the membership team to manually upload them. The promoter will receive a key code which they will use to upload the results following the meet. The results then will appear 1-2 hours afterwards. We are in the final testing stages and so we anticipate going live in the coming months. RLO’s are aware of the update but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Swim England Transgender Policy - Hytek Meet Manager Settings

You can currently make changes to "Boys, Men" and "Girls, Women" using the Language Preference - Keywords feature. However, please note that these changes may not be fully reflected in all parts of the system. Our development team is actively working on resolving this issue, and improvements are in progress.

Useful Resources

When Setting up a Licensed meet there are policies, forms and other documents and processes you need. There is also useful links for Officials.

Resource Notes.
Swim England Handbook  
Swim England Licensed Meets resources  
Wavepower Wavepower 2020-23: Child safeguarding policy and procedures for clubs
Swim England Trans Gender Policy Comes into effect 1st Sept 2023
Club Supervision Ratios Comes into effect 1st Sept 2023
The Role of Gala Promotor and Officiating  
Swim England Jewellery Guidance Guidance for swimmers and wearing Jewellery at Competitions and Training
Referee Pre-Briefing Checklist  
Referee Placing/Comments Sheet  
Swim-Meet - Officials and Volunteers South East region has licensed Swim-Meet for all affiliated clubs
Gala Organiser Site that provides single point for entries and payments
Swim England Low Level Competition Definition  
Protest Form  
How to report a concern  
Swim England Judicial Guidance British Swimming Judicial Code can be found here
Swim England Policy Documents Policy Documents and Terms of Reference
How to resolve Issues and Disputes  
Meet Licensing Criteria From South East Region Licensing Page
Officials Guidance - Certificate of Exception  
Officials in Attendance report  
Referee Report  
Swim England Period Wear Guidance  
Promotors report Form  
Chief Timekeeper Briefing  
New Infraction List with Timekeeper Briefing sheet
Old Infraction List  

Protocol Explainations

Turn and Stroke Judges
Protocol Jurisdiction LSC LCM HGM
Protocol Jurisdiction LSC SCY HGM

Some explainations of why things are carried out the way they are,
its not a UK resource but gives some explaination as to where and
why things happen as they do.

British Rankings Policy  
Referee Placing Sheet  
World Aquatics Competition Regulations Swimming extract - valid from 5th July 2023
Swim England South East Licensed Meet Policy  
World Para Swimming Classification Rules and Regulations  
World Para Code of Exceptions  
British Swimming Guidance on Determining Race Results  
Officials Duty Sheets L1 & 2L4, L3  
Referee Starter Announcer Protocols  
Officials Guidance - Swim England Certificate of Exception (disability)  
Swim England Swimwear Guidance  
Swim England Guidance on Determining Race results  
Swim England Guidance on Taping  
Swim England Period Wear Guidance  
Swim England guidance on minimum diving depths  
Gala Safety Announcment To be read by the meet announcer
British Swimming Disqualification Form  
Swim England Handbook  
Swim England Resource Library Health and Safety  
Creating the file for Rankings with Hy-Tek Meet Manager Guidance from Scottish Swimming on how to create and check the results file for Rankings
[email protected] Completed report forms should be sent within 14 days of the meet. 
Virtual Competitative Swimming Scoreboard Allows PC to act as a scoreboard and display on screens or projector
FINA Officiating Stroke Videos Old World Aquatics Officials Videos on Youtube - USA Swimming
US Swimming Starter Training Video US terminology but lots of useful guidance, from SE East Region links page
Refereeing Swimming – A Beginners Guide (online) Useful video course for any J2S refereeing a L4 meet, also counts as CPD
Swimming Officiating Pathway Another version
Swim England Talent Pathway Selection Criteria  
Long Term Athelete Development  
J2 Workbook V5 and the March 2023 amendments Judge 2 Officials workbook - can print extra mentoring and post qualification pages from here
J1 Logbook can print additional mentoring/poolside experience pages from here

Officials Additional Sheets

Continued Professional Development
Poolside Duties

Extract of Swim England Licensed Meets for 2023 Excel extract taken 13/08/2023 to assist in meet planning
Contact Swim England Query Submission form
Concussion Guidance Summary  
Concussion Guidance Full  
3Rs of Nutrition Recovery  
County Risk Assessment template  
Adapted Risk Assessment Template (Excel)  
Swim England Equality Policy  
Swim England Team Manager, Coach and Chaperone Policy  
Swim England Team Manager, Coach and Chaperone Policy FAQ  
Swim England Transgender Competition Policy - Indoor Swimming  
Swim England Transgender Competition Policy - Masters Swimming