Update as at 1st February 2022
Please see table below for Promoter's Update as at 1 Feb 2022 and revised Covid Withdrawal form. 
Closing date for entries is Tuesday 7th December 2021, ELECTRONIC ENTRY FILES, ENTRY SUMMARY FORM, RELAY ENTRY FORM, ENTRY DECLARATION must be with Oliver Stockland by midnight on that day. Due to the tight timescale regarding; processing entries and printing programs, failing to provide the Hy-Tek file on time could result in the promoter’s condition No. 8 being invoked.     Closing date for payment is one week from the 7th December, please email confirmation of payment including the amount to Oliver Stockland [email protected] by the closing deadline.
Due to the lack of competitive swimming, setting the qualifying times for this years championship has been extremely challenging. The times have been set with the following in mind; protecting the standard of competition whilst endeavouring to determine the impact that Covid-19 has had on the times attained by the swimmers, in a relatively short qualifying window. The qualifying criteria has be relaxed considerably to mitigate for this, however, it may result in more rejections than in previous years. Please note there are no automatic qualifying times this year.
All times submitted must be verified on British Swimming Rankings, i.e. times achieved at a licensed L4-L1 competition or British Swimming Level X Rankings, and must have been attained within the qualifying time period as per the promoters conditions.
All clubs must ensure that they are familiar with condition No. 28 of the Promoter’s Conditions to prevent fines and withdrawals of swimmers and relay teams who repeatedly fail to comply with this condition. 
Please also note: This year, once again the entry system will be paperless; please therefore, read the promoters conditions and entry documentation carefully.
The Hy-tek file will be issued in due course.
This year - in order to control the numbers of swimmer poolside and to prevent overcrowding - only one relay team entry per age group per event is permitted, please therefore do not submit additional relay entries.
Changes to the 2022 programme
You will note that we have increased the Para Swimming Programme.
We will not be issuing team manager packs at the 2022 Championships. Instead, team managers will be issued with; warm-up schedule, a programme, and poolside passes only; therefore, team managers will be required to bring Withdrawal and Relay Declaration Forms. 
All clubs are reminded that, for insurance purposes, all those volunteering on poolside at any competition must be registered members of an affiliated club or a member of the Institute of Swimming.

If you have any queries, then please do not hesitate to contact Oliver Stockland, Swim Sec via email at [email protected]