Learn to Swim  ~ Otter Levels 1-5




Otter Level 1


Absolute beginners

Min. age – 4 years

Water confidence practices (walking, jumping, etc.)
Floating exercises (star, mushroom, pencil, etc.)
Breathing exercises (blowing bubbles, head down)
Exploration of movements through the water Development of continuous, alternating front crawl leg action
Development of continuous, alternating back crawl leg action
Introduction to butterfly kick (mermaid, dolphin)
Introduction to breaststroke kick

Otter Level 2

Advanced Beginners

Confident and happy in the water
Float in a relaxed manner on front and back without armbands
Efficient continuous alternating kick on front and back without float
Demonstrate a dolphin-type kick
Demonstrate breaststroke-type kick

Floating exercises (star float, mushroom float, extended position float; in prone and supine positions)
Push and gliding practices in prone and supine positions (from pool floor to pool side, from poolside to partner, from poolside and regaining feet, etc.)
Early submerging practices (touching pool floor with different body parts, picking up objects from pool floor, etc.)
Early diving practices (jumping from sitting/crouching/ standing position in shallow water and progressing to deep water)
Development of continuous alternating leg action on front and back without float aiming for full extension of body and good streamlining
Introduction to front crawl arm action
Introduction to back crawl arm action
Introduction to breathing on front crawl as rotation onto back
Development of breaststroke legs
Development of fly kick (arms by side)

Otter Level 3


Confident front and back kick across deep end, with rotation to breathe
Rudimentary breaststroke legs, with understanding of turnout of feet
Good dolphin kick

Development of front crawl kick with arms in streamline position.  (breathing only by rotation)
Development of back crawl kick with 2 arms stretched above head.
Development of full stroke and breathing (by rotation) on front crawl
Development of back crawl, introducing single arm and finishing with one arm above head.
Introduction to breaststroke arms
Development butterfly leg kick with arms stretched in front
Rotation and orientation practices (rolling on longitudinal/horizontal axes, starting in prone and supine positions; handstands; forward and backward sommersaults)
Further submerging practices (picking up objects from the pool floor, using hoops, partners legs to swim through)
Early diving practices (jump at full stretch, star jump, tuck jump)


Otter Level 4

Advanced Improvers

Good style on front crawl and single arm back crawl over 1 width in each case
Good breaststroke kick
Breaststroke arms with front crawl kick
Good style of dolphin kick with undulation

Development of front crawl and back crawl
Development of dolphin kick and introduce arms and breathing
Development of  breaststroke, putting arms and kick together, with emphasis on correct timing and breathing
Development of forward and sommersaults increasing speed and number of rotations
Development of diving skills (surface dive, semi crouch dive, high crouch dive)

Otter Level 5


Good style on front crawl and back crawl over 2 widths in each case
Good butterfly kick over 2 widths using butterfly arms to breathe
Good style breaststroke over 1 width, breathing every 2nd stroke

Development of front crawl and back crawl and breaststroke up to 8 widths, with fly kick off the walls on front crawl, back crawl and butterfly
Development of full stroke butterfly
Introduction to front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly turns at wall
Introduction to racing dive
Introduction to backstroke start