All fees are collected automatically via the debit or credit card added by members to their Team Unify Account profile at Registration (see Payment Set-Up Guide

Members can check account charges and history at any time within their profile (see Video Guide - select Your Invoice from the Playlist). 

Any questions about the amount you were charged, please email the Club treasurer


Members of the Club must be members of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA), the national governing body for swimming and are affiliated to their Midlands District. 

Each swimmer must have a SASA Registration number to compete in accredited meets and National Championships.  Registration means that the individual is covered by the Association's insurance policy.  

The Club also pays the registration fee (£10) and per capita fees (£1.50) on behalf of all Non-Swimmers (Committee members and regular volunteers, as well as Technical Officials & Coaches who register to represent Perth City Swim Club).  Casual volunteers are automatically covered by the same insurance policy. 

The annual Club membership fee is £62 and collected 1st March every year for all Swimmer members, with their Membership running from 01 April to 31 March.

Non-Swimmer (Club Volunteer, Technical Official, Teacher & Coach) membership is free. 

New members joining the club during the year will pay membership as follows: 



100% of annual fee 



60% of annual fee 



25% of annual fee 



Collected on the 1st of each month and dependant on the swim squad that you train with.  You will have access to all of the sessions for this squad. You will be informed of the changes in fees when you move from squad to squad. 

Squad fees are based on swim session hours made available as below:   

First hour at £10, with each additional hour training at £5.50.   

e.g. 2hrs training will be £15.50 and 6hrs will be £37.50. 

These fees cover pool hire and coaching costs. 

Training fees are calculated to cover the annualised pool hire costs which includes for some unforeseen closures. Refunds to members will only be considered when pool closures are for extended periods and alternate sessions are not made available.


A flat rate of £7.50 per session for 2nd Claim swimmers who are approved to train during school holiday periods with the club by our Head coach.  These must be paid no less than 24 hours before the session.


Fees for Meets varies and are set by the organising Host club but are typically in the range of £5-£10 per individual event. 

From 1 July 2019 the Club will apply a team surcharge of £1.50 per swimmer to contribute to team poolside pass charges. 

Your monthly invoice will detail charges, such as "Midlands Open 20 Feb (4I)."  This means your swimmer has been charged for 4 Individual events, plus the PCSC surcharge £1.50. 


If chosen to represent the Club within the Tayside Age Group Leagues the fee per Gala is £5. 

This helps cover the cost of pool & equipment hire, league fees and bus hire. It is still payable if your swimmer does not travel on the team bus and also applies to our home gala. 


Entry fees for the Club Championship are £2 per event, plus a team surcharge of £1.50 per swimmer.

This helps cover the cost of pool & equipment hire & license fees. 


Costs that the Club needs to budget & which are not fully covered by fees above include: 

  • Meet Competition Team Relay charges 

  • Meet Competition Coach/Manager expenses 

  • Gala transportation 

  • Medals, trophies and awards 

  • General expenses e.g. printing, paper, postage etc 

  • Audit & accounting costs 

  • Bank charges & card processing fees 

  • Website domain 

  • Poolside capital equipment



We require 30 days’ notice for the termination of your membership.  To cancel, please email


From the point of notifying us, one further monthly training fees payment will be collected on 1st such that you will be charged one month’s squad fees from the date of notification. 


Annual membership fees cannot be refunded.



The Club is run by volunteers, who are committed to making the most effective use of all resources on behalf of the members.  Non-payment through cards being declined for processing causes additional burden for them to resolve.


In the first instance an email will automatically be generated notifying of any card processing failures.  More often than not this simply tends to be due to card issuers implementing additional security checks, but may also be due to other reasons.


Where there has been no explanation and Fees remain unpaid for more than 21 days, the club will take the following steps:

  • You will be unable to declare attendance or register for Meets via Team Unify
  • Your swimmer may be unable to take part in training sessions
  • You will be prevented from any other expenditure on your account


Every circumstance will be treated individually and should you wish to speak in confidence about your account please contact the Treasurer.