Meet the Coaching Team

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Coaching is a rewarding and enjoyable role & I am delighted that so many parents past and present work with me to bring out the best potential of every swimmer at our Club.

See our 'Become a coach' webpage for further information if you're interested in taking things further.


Head Coach

Ann Dickson


L3 Coaches

Richard Norris

L2 Coaches

Darrell Boult

Aran Chatham

Susan Coe

Ashleigh Jolly

Justine McGregor

Moraig MacDonald

Roddy McCall

James Peaty

Andrew Pitts

Graham Smart

Chris Warwick

L1 Coaches

Dougie Brown

Linda Clerihew

Anjie Crighton

Gordon Currie

Sandy Galletly

Claire Hannah

Geoff Kelly

Mairi  MacIntosh

Zoe Robertson

Alan Thomson

Anna Woodhead


Poolside Helpers

Eve Thomson; Doug Allan; David Martin; Louise Cowling; Jenna McNaughton; Terri Anne Thomson

Erika Brown




Rachel Kennedy





Vhairi Jordon




Diane Kelly





Rose McLean


Team Managers

Darrell Boult; Linda Clerihew; Anjie Crighton; Claire Hannah; James Peaty; Pam Renfrew; Graham Smart; Alan Thomson; Eve Thomson; Bruce Bannerman; Ruth McGregor; Julie Allan; Fiona Millar; Tanya Kemp