Wellbeing & Protection

The Club has an appointed Wellbeing & Protection Officer to ensure that the Club is complying with the Scottish Swimming Wellbeing & Protection Policy and current legislation, and that athletes and volunteers are training / competing / working within a safe environment.

Email - [email protected]


Scottish Swimming ‘Beyond Level 0’ : Back to the Water COVID – 19 Guidance has led the Club to consider how absences and medical information is managed as we move forward. 

There is no longer a need to complete Health Survey Forms following a period of absence.

Notifications for all absences should be submitted as below:

  1. Planned non-attendance or illness/injury related (this information will go directly to the relevant squad coaches) [email protected] 
  2. Non-attendance related to Positive Covid test - [email protected].

Can we please advise that if you are feeling unwell or are recovering from injury, please do not come to training or compete until you are fully recovered.

Medical Information

Can parents/guardians ensure that their child’s medical information is up to date as well as their emergency contacts on Team Unify.

If there are any sudden changes in the swimmers health and wellbeing this should be amended as a matter of urgency on Team Unify and communicated to [email protected] so we can work with you to assess the impact it will have.  

As a Club, we appreciate that our swimmers can experience challenges, difficulties, injuries and illnesses during their time with the Club, which can impact on their swimming on a short or long term basis. If at any point, you feel that coaches would benefit from additional information to support and enhance the swimmers experiences during training and/or gala’s, we would welcome these details. A ‘Medical Protocol’ form can now be found under the Policies webpage, to communicate additional information. We ask that this is forwarded firstly to [email protected] who will then disseminate it to the relevant coaches.