ACRO: Children love tricks and have fun tumbling and building new acrobatic skills. Acro is designed to be performed on dance floors but is taught using our tumble matt and gym matts. 

STREET JAZZ: This high-energy class will be the highlight of your child’s week. Disco Diva dancing to the latest age appropriate chart toppers-your child will be top of the pops!! So much fun they will forget that they are learning!

BALLET: Continuing on from our excellent preschool programme children develop their dance technique, core skills such as spatial awareness, social skills, numeracy and verbal and expressive communication in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. Taught through imagination with an added sprinkle of pixie dust, classes are magical moments of pure joy for your ballerina.  

MODERN: The background dance used for most Westend shows, a fluid blend of lyrical, contemporary, ballet and jazz. Watch your child perform expressing emotions, dreams, ideas and achievements!  

TAP: Watch your Childs musicality and rhythm develop through their every step! Through the beat in their feet children explore rhythm, musicality, balance and the beauty of tap dance. 



Childhood goes by in the blink of an eye and we believe that it should count and that experiences should be magicalmemorable and the best for all our dancers. The first day at dance is one that will make you smile forever. Years at Performanze will be packed full of unforgettable moments for dancers and their parents.Watch your princess twirl with delight and leap with joy across the dance floor.  Rub shoulders with princesses, fly with fairies and dip toes into sparkling pools of music as we bring dance to life through imagination and inspiration. Classes should be fun for children and easy for Mum! Thats why we offer a range of local and convinient classes that have fantatsic facilities including parking, tea and coffee and space to relax.


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