Teachers and Staff.

Our teachers are chosen with the utmost care to ensure they have the right experience and personality to join Performanze.We are on a mission to provide a safe, fun and caring environment, encouraging a love of dance for all our students. We not only teach dance steps, but we teach life lessons, such as patience, kindness, passion, teamwork, self-confidence, and determination.

Our teachers are passionate, work with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment .They believe in the importance of their job for your child

Teachers and staff
Rosie Baker Head Teacher

Rosie is one of our beloved teachers and founder here at Performanze over 12 years ago!

Rosie's teaching philosophy is to give our young dancers the  confidence to be themselves, to love their own identity/creativity and be proud of their achievements. Team work is important as is the ability to have self value within the team itself, to understand personal strengths and to work on "tricker things" and not give up.  

Rosie's work ethic can be described as insane! Her pride and passion in Performanze drives her. She leads by example to the students and is a can do person. 


FAVOURITE THING ABOUT TEACHING: Watching the after glow of students success from exams, shows and in class achievements.

FAVOURITE HOBBY: Arts and crafts often with her two children Alfie and Bella and learning to play piano.  

OTHER: Teaches in schools during the day and runs and teaches at Performanze. Loving Mum to Alfie and Bella and wife to Martin. A family person wh believes that childhood should be magical, special and fun.  

Jill Burnett Head Teacher

Miss Jill is our head of classical dance for 12+ years. A highly experienced and heavily qualified teacher she is a specialist with a degree in early years education. Miss Jills classes are  outstanding,  capturing the hearts of her students she transfers detail, dedication and passion to her students who love her classes and her as a inspirational teacher.


FAVOURITE THING ABOUT TEACHING: Choreographing for the show.

FAVOURITE HOBBY:Going to watch her husband play cricet and baby play dates with beautiful daughter Clara. 

OTHER: Wors as a nursery manager, runs her own dance school in Rugby and a proud wife to Richard and Mum to Clara. A family person with a love fo dance. 

Danni MILLIN Head Teacher

Danni is an unbelievably gifted performer, a dancer, aerialist, singer and actress. Trained at the prestigious Urdang with a BAhons in dance and musical theatre. Danni works professionally in the industry and teaches regularly when not in contract. Danni has worked in the UK and Internationally on cruise lines. Danni demonstrates and inspires every student in her class. Preschool are captivated by her imagination and creativity and seniors aim to dance like their inspirational hero. 


FAVOURITE HOBBY: Drawing and reading. Growing plants and knitting  

OTHER: Danni enjoys spending time with her twin, nephew and younger brother. She enjoys taing part in class at Pineapple and Studio 68. Danni is a professional singer dancer and is currently playing Killer Queen in We Will Rock You onboard Norweign cruiselines.