Health and Wellbeing

The Swim England Health and Wellbeing benefits of swimming report (2017) highlights the unique benefits of water that make it the ideal place for people of all ages and level of ability to exercise and is particularly beneficial for those with long term health conditions.

Health Fact Sheets

Example of a Swim England Health PDF Fact SheetFollowing publication of the Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Swimming report, Swim England’s Health Commission group have agreed to work collaboratively to develop a range of fact sheets on swimming with particular health conditions, written for competitive swimmers, the general public and to also assist those who support or advise swimmers.

The number of fact sheets is expected to grow in the coming months, with all content provided by technical experts who specialise in swimming and health conditions, based on the best available evidence.

Examples of fact sheets are: 

- Asthma

- Skin Conditions

- Covid recovery

- Dementia

- Mental health 

- Otitis externa

- Epilepsy

- Infectious mononucleosis

- Cancer

- Surgery

- Diabetis

To view and download all fact sheets, including versions written specifically for individual and competitive swimmers, head to this link.