Portsmouth Northsea Club Records


PNSC Club Records have to be set at a licenced meet whilst representing PNSC or whilst representing county, country, etc. as a PNSC first claim swimmer. Any updates or corrections please email [email protected].


Women's Records – Long Course – Open Age Group

Name Event Time Date Meet Venue
Katy Sexton 50m Freestyle 25.51 03/04/08 GB Champs Sheffield
Katy Sexton 100m Freestyle 55.99 31/03/08 GB Champs Sheffield
Margie Pedder 200m Freestyle 2:03.06 14/04/02 British Champs Manchester
Margie Pedder 400m Freestyle 4:16.70 08/07/00 Scottish Champs Glasgow
Margie Pedder 800m Freestyle 8:44.10 04/06/99 Barcelona Swim Meet Barcelona
Stephanie Winser 1500m Freestyle 17:27.04      
Katy Sexton 50m Breaststroke 34.32 13/03/11 Hampshire Champs Portsmouth
Elizabeth Hopkins 100m Breaststroke 1:13.76 31/05/14 SE South East Champs Crawley
Elizabeth Hopkins 200m Breaststroke 2:35.86 25/07/13 BG National Age Groups Sheffield
Emily Blissett 50m Butterfly 28.56 06/04/22 British Champs Sheffield
Margie Pedder 100m Butterfly 1:00.74 26/07/00 Olympic Trials Sheffield
Margie Pedder 200m Butterfly 2:10.49 19/09/00 Olympic Games Sydney
Gemma Spofforth 50m Backstroke 27.92 29/07/09 FINA World Champs Rome
Gemma Spofforth 100m Backstroke 58.12 28/07/09 FINA World Champs Rome
Gemma Spofforth 200m  Backstroke 2:06.66 01/08/09 FINA World Champs Rome
Sharron Davies 200m IM 2:18.18 1992    
Laura Chase 400m IM 4:50.90      


Women's Records - Short Course – Open Age Group

Name Event Time Date Meet Venue
Katy Sexton 50m Freestyle 25.49 14/12/08 European Champs Rijeka
Katy Sexton 100m Freestyle 55.61 20/03/08 PNSC Easter Meet Portsmouth
Margie Pedder 200m Freestyle 1:59.33 12/08/01 GB Champs Norwich
Margie Pedder 400m Freestyle 4:08.77 11/08/01 GB Champs Norwich
Margie Pedder 800m Freestyle 8:35.53 13/02/99 World Cup Glasgow
Laura Chase 1500m Freestyle 16:44.74 28/01/06 Portsmouth Blue Ribbon Portsmouth
Katy Sexton 50m Breaststroke 34.51 09/08/01 GB British Short Course Norwich
Elizabeth Hopkins 100m Breaststroke 1:13.06 19/10/14 BG National County Team Div 1 Sheffield
Gemma Spofforth 200m Breaststroke 2:36.23      
Madeleine Campbell 50m Butterfly 27.90 01/12/91 SwimNews Canada Historic SC Montreal
Margie Pedder 100m Butterfly 1:00.53 17/12/00 European Champs Valencia
Margie Pedder 200m Butterfly 2:09.56 09/12/99 European Champs Lisbon
Katy Sexton 50m Backstroke 27.99 15/12/07 European Champs Debrecen
Gemma Spofforth 100m Backstroke 57.17 18/12/09 GB vs USA Duel In The Pool Manchester
Gemma Spofforth 200m  Backstroke 2:04.95 18/12/09 GB vs USA Duel In The Pool Manchester
Katy Sexton 100m IM 1:03.45 03/08/01 Australian Champs  
Katy Sexton 200m IM 2:14.01 09/08/01 GB Champs Norwich
Samantha Nesbit 400m IM 4:44.25 21/01/98 World Cup Sydney


Men's Records – Long Course – Open Age Group

Name Event Time Date Meet Venue
Clive Marquis 50m Freestyle 23.67 05/08/22 SE Summer Nationals Sheffield
Alex Cameron-Calvo 100m Freestyle 51.70 07/04/22 British Champs Sheffield
Will Condron 200m Freestyle 1:56.44 17/03/13 Hampshire Champs Portsmouth
Lewis Jones 400m Freestyle 4:08.30      
Daniel White 800m Freestyle 8:45.92      
Tom Diaper-Fox 1500m Freestyle 16:33.08      
Neil Redman 50m Breaststroke 29.01 03/08/18 SE Summer Nationals Sheffield
Max Hewett 100m Breaststroke 1:03.33      
Neil Redman 200m Breaststroke 2:18.16      
Alex Cameron-Calvo 50m Butterfly 24.44 06/02/22 Hampshire Champs Winchester
Alex Cameron-Calvo 100m Butterfly 54.76 08/04/22 British Champs Sheffield
Daniel Hughes 200m Butterfly 2:07.73      
Jamie Robertson 50m Backstroke 26.19 20/04/19 PNSC Easter Meet Portsmouth
Grant Robins 100m Backstroke 58.14      
Grant Robins 200m Backstroke 2:02.65      
Grant Robins 200m IM 2:05.54      
Grant Robins 400m IM 4:27.12      


Men's Records – Short Course – Open Age Group

Name Event Time Date Meet Venue
Matthew Clay 50m Freestyle 22.65 30/10/21 SE Masters Champs Sheffield
Alex Cameron-Calvo 100m Freestyle 50.25 20/11/21 Guildford Winter Meet Guildford
Grant Robins 200m Freestyle 1:51.61      
Grant Robins 400m Freestyle 3:54.98      
Callum Moorse 800m Freestyle 8:32.63      
Grant Robins 1500m Freestyle 15:46.85      
Neil Redman 50m Breaststroke 27.69 07/12/19 SE Winter Champs Sheffield
Neil Redman 100m Breaststroke 1:00.50 28/10/16 SE Masters Champs Sheffield
Neil Redman 200m Breaststroke 2:15.43      
Will Condron 50m Butterfly 25.23 07/11/15 SE South East Champs Portsmouth
Callum Moorse 100m Butterfly 57.09      
Rubens King 200m Butterfly 2:05.00      
Jamie Robertson 50m Backstroke 24.79 06/12/19 SE Winter Champs Sheffield
Joe Tibbetts 100m Backstroke 55.20 16/12/18 SE Winter Champs Sheffield
Grant Robins 200m Backstroke 1:58.33      
Neil Redman 100m IM 58.98 26/10/18 SE Masters Champs Sheffield
Grant Robins 200m IM 2:01.33      
Grant Robins 400m IM 4:16.63