Monthly Membership Fees 22/23 (12 payments per year)

SQUAD Monthly Fee
Academy Bronze £28.50
Academy Silver £33.50
Academy Gold £40.50
Junior Bronze £46
Junior Silver £51
Junior Gold  £64
Junior Club £30.50
Intermediate Club £36.50
Senior Club £42.50
Junior Competitive £80.50
Intermediate Competitive £60.50
Senior Competitive £86.50
Junior Performance £104
Senior Performance £112
National  £123
Tri Performance £90
Sunday Masters £25
Masters £52
Masters Performance £67
Masters S&C (in addition to Master Performance fees) £21
Advanced Swimming Sessions - 1 session £30
Advanced Swimming Sessions - 2 sessions £47
University (holidays only) £23
Fast-track £10

Squad fees are calculated on an annual basis. They are amortised into a monthly fee and already take into account cancelled sessions and holiday periods.

Each member pays the full squad fee irrespective of the number of sessions attended. Places in our squads are limited and the club have to pay for salaries and pool time regardless of attendance.

See our Membership Fee Policy for further details.