ASA Annual Fees 2021

Portsmouth Northsea Committee

A massive thank you to everyone who has already paid their ASA fees.  If  you haven't had a chance to fill in the form and pay the fees please use this link  https://forms.gle/ASA  and complete the form, for each swimmer/parent and pay the amount due to the Club bank account - the details of which are on the Google form and would be the same as your current standing order. 

The annual ASA fees for the calendar year 2021 are now due for all swimmers, volunteers and parents who are members of PNSC. The fee is made up of charges from Swim England and regional and local swimming associations.

The fee is due in full by  31 January 2021  and we would really appreciate your support in paying this  on time as a one off payment to our bank account.

This is the fee that covers swimmers and volunteers for insurance purposes on poolside, entitles swimmers to compete in Swim England meets (including Level X events) and enables members (swimmers and Category 3 members) over the age of 16 to vote at the Club AGM or in other club matters.

Please ensure you include the name of the swimmer/parent as a reference along with the letters ASA so we can track the payments and avoid chasing you for outstanding monies. You can make one payment per family. If you are unable to pay this way please contact the membership secretary, Gemma Clinton, on [email protected]   to arrange an alternative method.

ASA category

Fee due


Category 1


This is for swimmers who do not compete in open competition - those in Club and non-competitive Masters swimmers only

Category 2


All swimmers from Dolphins squad upwards who are therefore eligible to represent the club and compete in any open meets (including Level X)

Category 3


For a parent (or person with parental responsibility) of a member in Category 1 or 2, associate members, coaches, helpers or officials.

This enables you to vote in PNSC club matters.