Level 4 Short Course Meet 2 & 4 July / 9 & 11 July 2021

PNSC Committee

Level 4 short course meet

As you may be aware we have had our licence granted for our level 4 meet in July. In order to get the licence granted we have to follow Swim England’s CV-19 guidance and National Government guidance for indoor activity so there are some differences to previous meets.

Timetable:  The meet will be run over 4 days and two weekends, 2 & 4 July and 9 & 11 July. The full meet program can be found on this  link.

Target squads:  Potential 1, Potential 2, Junior Development, Junior Competitive, Junior Performance, Senior Performance, National and Masters.  All swimmers must speak to their coach prior to entering the meet.

Entries:  All entries are to be made via TeamUnify and this is now live for you to sign up. Swimmers should discuss which races they should enter with their coaches before entering.

Deadline for entries is 18.00 on Friday 25 June  with no late entries.

 Fees:  The fee for each race will be  £6.50 for 50, 100, 200 & 400m events and £8.00 for 800m & 1,500m

Unlike Level X, which is run in normal training time, meets are charged to cover the costs including the extended pool hire.

Over the weekend of 26-27 June you will receive an invoice for the total cost of accepted events for your swimmer(s). If you have a live direct debit mandate in place this will be used to collect the monies due unless you let us know in advance. On the same day as receiving your invoice you will receive an email from GoCardless advising you of the date the money will be debited from your account – which will be around 3 working days later. Otherwise you will be invoiced which will need to be settled in full before the meet.

It is advisable you are really sure you commit to the correct races as no refunds will be given for swimmers who don’t race on the day unless there is a genuine medical reason or other exceptional grounds. So please don’t sign your swimmer up to an event unless they and their coach intend for them to compete.


Event Details:  In order to accommodate a larger number of swimmers within the building following Swim England’s CV-19 guidelines, we will have to locate them on the balcony, which unfortunately means that no spectators are allowed at the meet. We will endeavour to keep results up to date and released on the website as soon as we can after each event.

Due to the Covid regulations swimmers must only be at the Mountbatten centre for the sessions in which they are competing. They cannot stay for the full day otherwise we would exceed maximum numbers for the event.


Volunteers:  Level 4 meets require a large number of volunteers so when entering your swimmer if you think you can help (which also means you can watch) please sign up for a job. Officials & timekeepers must have their Swim England qualifications.

Unlike Level X timekeepers must be qualified. The timekeepers course only takes 60-90 minutes to complete followed by a practical at an event. Please contact Cathy Hawkes at [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a timekeeper.

We will also need Covid reps, marshalls, results runners, medals, announcers, timing room help so there should be a job to suit everyone. If you want more detail on what is required for a role then please do contact [email protected]