Coaching Staff
Amanda Booth Director of Swimming - PT
Lee Baldwin Head Coach
Heather Booth Head of Learn to Swim and Academy
Richard Pointon Senior Performance Coach
Julie Dickson Junior Competitive Coach
Samuel Redman Masters Coach
James Warrener Masters and Competitive Coach
Shane Mcfarlane Senior & Intermediate Competitive Coach
Alex Scribbans Junior Bronze/Academy Coach
Michael Redpath Junior Silver & Gold Coach
Katy Sexton Master Coach
Sam Madden Club & Masters Coach
Thomas Company Strength and Conditioning Coach

Tom is our Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach here at PNSC and has been with the club since October 2018. You will often find him poolside prior to sessions helping our swimmers go through their pre-pool or in the gym taking them through their ‘Sport Specific’ land based training with the goal of improving strength, power, and reducing the risk of injury.

Tom has completed his Masters in Sports Performance and has his CPPS qualification and despite not being from a swimming background he has competed at an international level in basketball and therefore understands the sacrifices our swimmers have to go through and work that is necessary, to be successful.

Despite not coming from a swimming background, he does every now and then like to get into the pool for a swim. Although, if we’re honest, it is more of a paddle than a swim.

Favourite Quote - "The most important thing is to try and inspire people so they can be great at whatever they want to do" (Kobe Bryant).