Our Mission Statement & Vision

Mission Statement:

Since inception, Putteridge Swimming Club’s (PSC) mission statement has been to adopt the Swim England strategy – encouraging people of all ages to take part in swimming in all its forms – from cradle to grave. This all-inclusive approach has helped establish PSC as a successful swimming club.

We recognise that our members join the club for many reasons, though the most popular is that parents bring their children because their child enjoys swimming, they wish to improve their ability, and they want to swim at a competitive swimming club and swim for Putteridge SC. 

Our diversity now allows children to join our Academy or broad spectrum of squads meeting many different aspects and needs within our community.  We now have 28 qualified coaches at Putteridge SC. To enable the club to operate, members volunteer in many ways to support the club and provide the Operational Management Team (which deals with the day-to-day running of the club) and our Committee which governs, advises and implements overall strategy. 

Overall, the PSC programme has been developed to train an athlete to achieve whatever they wish to achieve be it a PB, county or regional time and to help them be who they want to be.

We set out to shape and strengthen character throughout one’s lifetime. We are committed to excellence and dedicated to developing world class athletes and world class citizens who are a credit to their club, their region, their country, and society.


The fundamental aim and vision of Putteridge Swimming Club is to serve its members and develop a nationally recognised aquatics programme that teaches and trains all levels, emphasises individual progress, embraces team unity and family values and produces national and international champions. 

The PSC programme sets out to create independent athletes through guided discovery and experiential learning with a focus on increasing an athlete's accountability, responsibility, well-being, and developing overall life skills associated with a competitive sporting environment.

Ultimately, Putteridge Swimming Club aims to become a National Performance Centre, that strives to empower young people to be champions in and out of the water for a lifetime.