Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching philosophy encompasses the ASA mission statement that participants should have the opportunity to swim ‘from Cradle to grave’ and as a Coach is what I strive to achieve. I believe coaching is holistic with lifelong gains for each swimmer. I see each swimmer as an individual, with their own goals and dreams, success is going to be different for each. I endeavor to nurture and enable each swimmer to have belief in themselves and help them to gain a strong sense of courage, self –belief, self- esteem and in the long-term, give them confidence to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.  I see a character first and philosophy for all.

I ensure I teach each swimmer life lessons about hard work, dedication, dealing honorably with success and failure as each one will probably experience both at some point. Swimming FUNdamentals must be taught and conditioned, along with accounting for each swimmers physical, cognitive and maturity level. If all these things come together then a swimmer has the skills to succeed anywhere. Whether coaching an elite swimmer or a just beginner, the fundamentals remain the same. I like to challenge my athletes by engaging their mind just as much as their body in training. I expect each swimmer to swim every session, set, and stroke with purpose and to master technique for their own performance and success.

“If you can’t expect yourself to finish a set in practice, how can you trust yourself to do something later on in life.” Always look to finish strong.
Chris Passamano, CT

I’ve always believed that a swimmer-coach relationship is an equal partnership. So my coaching philosophy is to encourage my swimmers to work with me, as opposed to for me or against me. I think a partnership ensures that we both reach the best possible versions of ourselves as swimmers, coaches and people which also promotes team work, doing it together, supporting each other creating a positive work environment.

I emphasize a competitive edge, I think there’s a lot of value in applying the will to win and the will to succeed, a life-long skill. If you are internally motivated to win, no matter what constraints are against you, you are constantly striving to be the best possible version of yourself, then you’re going to be successful.

I have confidence that by achieving goals set, learning to understand and appreciate, a swimmer will eventually love the process and apply these principles to their lives. You rarely stay on the path you thought you would take, you must be dynamic, the destination doesn’t change, it’s how you get there, the changes and choices you make.

And last but absolutely not least I want our swimmers to ENJOY the sport of swimming and the journey it takes them.

Lesley Batson 2016