We thank all our volunteers, without which this club would cease to function!

Many parents question whether to volunteer, but the better question could be why not volunteer? It’s extremely rewarding and you find out you have more to gain than to lose. The knowledge that you are helping is a big drive for volunteers. Swimming as a whole relies extremely heavily on volunteers on every level. Coaches, judges, team managers, poolside helpers, time keepers, referees and committee members are all volunteers.

When we go to open meets we have to take a percentage of our own time keepers and Judge 1 or 2 with us, as to organise a gala the club requires a huge amount of work from the promoter’s perspective. The ASA provide courses for all aspects of volunteering in swimming and free of charge and offer a great deal of help and support. It is a great way to learn new skills.

The more people we have to help, the less everyone has to do and we always need help and support from parents where possible. We are swim21 accredited which is the quality kite mark for swimming clubs which requires development of volunteers. We now need more volunteer support in order to sustain Swim 21 accreditation. The future growth of swimming depends heavily on the skills, knowledge and commitment of its volunteer workforce, which was estimated at 30,000 So please give it a thought you may find a hidden passion, like the rest of us at Putteridge SC.

‘Volunteers are the lifeblood of a swimming club. Without them, the sight of our national athletes standing on a central podium raising the gold would be a dream rather than a reality‘.
British swimming

Further information on Volunteering in the ASA please click here