Putteridge Swimming Club 

Coaching Team

Head Coach:                 Lesley Batson

Assistant Head Coach: Lawrence Palmer

Putteridge Swimming Clubs overall aim is to train your child to achieve whatever they wish to achieve be it a pb, county or regional time and to help them be who they want to be. There is no better feeling than a swimmer coming up to you post-race with a big smile on their faces ‘ I got a pb!!!’ or your child winning a medal.

‘Of course there are ups and downs and believe me I have been there, but I haven’t regretted anything as a parent or a coach.

As a person I have learnt so much and it’s helped me in many aspects of my life and for all of my children.  Their life in competitive swimming has been a sound basis in their lives and has seen them grow up as independent, strong and hard- working young adults.

Swimming to whatever level has given them fitness, body awareness, discipline, motivation and a sense of routine.  It has kept my children, who have grown up with many distractions, on the straight and narrow, and for that I am eternally grateful for the world of competitive swimming and I hope you find some of the same for your own children within this opportunity.’

Head Coach, Lesley Batson


Coaches & Teachers


Catherine Pound Donna Ptolomey Andrew Roberts Willem Lohrey
Ernest King Nicholas Corran Dean Jackson Graeme Crowston
Lynn Munn Miriama Owens Lewis King Sarah Miles
Patricia Taylor Grace Beeston Donna Worrall Libby Magill
    Adam Hazelwood