Putteridge Swimming Club - Age Group Records


Club Record Structure

PSC Club records are organised into overall fastest ever times for men and women, as well as individual age group fastest ever times for girls and boys for each age between 9 and 17 plus a category for swimmers 18 and above.  All age group times are 'age on day', and eligible age group times are also eligible for overall records.


Club Record Eligibility

Only swims recorded on the British Swimming Rankings Database by swimmers representing Putteridge Swimming Club at licensed galas (Levels 1 to 4) are eligible for club records.  Level X times swum in 2020 and 2021 are also eligible due to lack of normal competition through this period. 


Club Record Maintenance

Records will be maintained by the committee or person(s) nominated by the committee on behalf of Putteridge Swimming Club.  Records do not need to be claimed; new records will be identified from the British Swimming Rankings system once gala results have been uploaded.  However if you represent PSC at a gala which is NOT on the PSC calendar I.e. through individual entry,  please notify [email protected] to ensure your times are considered for eligibility.


If you believe a record is incorrect please contact [email protected] with the necessary details.

Please use the link below to view PSC club records.


PSC Age Group Records - Boys

PSC Age Group Records - Girls

PSC Mens Club Records

PSC Womens Club Records

Records updated 15/05/2023