Development Squad Gold and Silver

Swimmers in this squad have progressed to swimming more sessions and are looking to build on the skills learned in the Piranhas squad, with a general age guide of 7-11 yrs. This squad has improved strokes with a baseline of 3  strokes technically proficient, however, training still looks to improve technique, along with aerobic and sprint work.

These swimmers participate in appropriate level of Open Competition to improve their race experience and are working towards achieving county qualifying times.  A greater level of commitment is required than in the Piranhas Squad, and the criteria for this squad is 3 sessions per week and 1 land training session and will also have passed or be on our course to achieve their Competitive start award which enables the swimmer to dive in in competitions.

Swimmers in this squad know the basics of training such as pace clock work, familiarity with drills and a basic understanding of sports nutrition. To assist in their sporting development, swimmers have goal setting targets which are discussed and agreed with the coaches, at this level it is important to compete in events advised, this is from a motivational perspective in that if swimmers don’t have an aim they don’t understand why it is important to train, but also from a coaching perspective to chart development and progression.

All swimmers are requested to enter the correct level and quantity of competitions again in line with British Swimming’s Athlete Development Support Pathway (ADSP the new extension to Long Term Athlete Development plan 2016).

We also have a small Development 2 Squad which is geared towards U 12’s who do not wish to compete at level 3 or above but wish to train for fitness twice a week.