Masters Squad

Here is a brief over view of Masters swimming and how it has evolved over the years as many people do not know the background or what it involves. Masters Swimming began in USA in the 70’s, where ex ‘elite’ swimmers organised a competition for adult swimmers. This has now grown rapidly worldwide and hosts its own, European and World Championships. A Masters swimmer is classified as over 25. It incorporates and welcomes everyone no matter what the reason for swimming promoting broad objectives of better health, fitness and friendships between swimmers with no compulsion to compete. It encompasses a whole range of ability from casual fitness to highly organised competitive swimming. However the attitude in Masters swimming is far more laid back than a mainstream regime that many swimmers are used to so therefore far more enjoyable.

Masters swimming is still part of British swimming and the ASA, however they do swim under different ASA and FINA rules, and so have a different set of records and their own database on the British swimming website. The ASA masters strategy reads ‘Masters swimming enforces lifelong participation, staying in the water and swimming for health prolonging life. The swimmers personal goals may be just for that fitness or competitive opportunities or elite performance’ ASA Masters strategy 2007 Masters swimming is also supported by sport England: ‘Swimming has an important role in encouraging people to take part in physical activity which Masters swimming contributes to.

’Putteridge Masters squad has 7 sessions allocated purely to them and all fully structured and Coached by Lesley according to individual programmes. We create an environment appropriate to adult swimming needs and for those swimmers to achieve personal fulfillment no matter what, therefore embracing all parts of the community.We seek to improve swimming skills and enhance levels and wellbeing and to engage their interest through imaginative and successful programming to retain their involvement in the sport throughout their lives.

Currently our squad consists of 38. It includes ex National swimmers, English, Welsh, Slovakian and Romanian, current main stream British National Champions and East Region Qualifiers, triathletes, Ironman athletes, and a swimmer who has qualified to do the Channel swim Sept 2014 as well as those who wish to improve their technique, ability and fitness.

Coached by Lesley.