L2S Information 2022-23 


Once registered, we wanted to provide some information and reminders about the programme.


Programme Dates - Lessons commence on the weekend of 10/11 September 2022 and continue into July 2023. As stated on your registration invoice, there will not be any lessons over Christmas, New Year or Easter weekends. Lessons do operate over half term and other bank holiday weekend.


Site Information & Timings

  • Parents must sign in at the reception of both pools and endeavor to arrive poolside within 5 minutes in advance of the lesson starting. Should you be running late, your child may attend their lesson up to the end of their scheduled class. If they miss some/all of the lesson, we will not provide the opportunity to attend another.

  • Mallinson swimmers must enter and exit poolside via the changing rooms and parents/guardians are only permitted on poolside when dropping off or picking up their swimmer. Parents/guardians can watch the lessons from the viewing gallery. 

  • American School swimmers and parents/guardians should enter and exit poolside via the changing rooms. Parents/guardians must drop off and pick up their swimmer from the shallow end of the pool as swimmers must be accompanied around poolside. Parents/guardians can view lessons from the seating provided at the shallow end of the pool or outside the changing rooms.


Behaviour – Parents and Swimmers are members of CSCSC and therefore must adhere to the CSCSC & Swim England Codes of Conduct. It’s worth taking this opportunity to remind all to treat CSCSC teachers, employees and leisure centre employees with respect. We ask parents/guardians to refrain from speaking to teachers and swimmers during the lesson. All communication regarding lessons should be exchanged through the Lead Teacher (pool side) or the Stages Co-ordinator.


Assessment - As detailed on the registration page, if you were uncertain of the stage your child should be registered in, you should contact the Stages Co-ordinator. We recognise that it may not be easy to identify an appropriate stage for your child but must stress that there may not be space to move your swimmer into the stage appropriate for them. This could be detrimental to their swimming development or that of other swimmers in the same class. There will be ongoing assessments throughout the lessons season and any queries can be discussed directly with the Stages Co-ordinator.


Card Details - The card you provided at the point of registration will be charged on the 1st of every calendar month. You are responsible for updating the card details in the event the card is lost, stolen or expired. No Officer/Employee of the Club will have access to card details, and we will not request/nor accept any information over the phone.


Fees Charged – As stated on the website, lesson fees are £22/30min lesson at ASL and £29/45min lesson at Mallinson. In October, your card will be charged on 1 October for 5 lessons as there are 5 weeks in October for your swimmer’s respective programme. In November, your card will be charged on 1 November for 4 lessons as there are 4 weeks, etc.


Cancelled Lessons – In the unlikely event we have to cancel a lesson, your account will be credited the lesson fee. This credit will automatically be applied to your charges when the next card payment is processed on the 1st of the calendar month. Should your swimmer miss a lesson, you will not be entitled to credit, nor a catch up lesson - unfortunately we do not have capacity within the programme to provide this offer. All credit can be discussed with the Stages Co-ordinator and CSCSC Office Manager.


Leaving the Programme – The CSCSC Constitution has a 30 day written cancellation policy. Please email your expression to leave the programme in advance of your swimmer leaving the programme.