2023 Swim England Membership Fees

Krista Bibbings

The following Annual Swim England Membership fees will be invoiced on 1 January 2023:

  • Swim England Swimmer Membership £38.00
  • Swim England Parent Membership £7.50


Before contacting the Club, please see more details about these fees below.


The Club does not have direct debit facilities, nor do we accept card payment for the squads training fees or membership fees

  • You must contact your bank to arrange a one off payment to cover these additional annual fees from 1 January 2023. 
  • Please do not arrange payment in December 2022, for both accounting purposes and to give us enough time to ensure your account is invoiced correctly. 
  • These fees are not optional and are invoiced annually. 


Swim England Membership Fee details:

  • Swim England Swimmer Membership: £38.00
    • The Swimmer Membership is the annual insurance and license for your swimmer to attend training and compete under CSCSC.
    • Swim England Membership fees are invoiced annually in January, as the Club must pay these fees directly to Swim England in February. This membership will be valid from 1 January – 31 December 2023.
    • New members: if you joined CSCSC from August-December 2022, you were invoiced these fees on joining but this membership expires on 31 December 2022 which is why you’re being invoiced these fees again in January 2023, as explained in the Welcome to CSCSC email.
  • Swim England Parent Membership: £7.50
    • The Parent Membership is required for every account with a swimmer under the age of 16. 
    • If the account only has swimmers 16+, or the parent is a CSCSC Masters swimmer, then the account will not be invoiced this fee - unless the parent volunteers poolside during competitions. 
    • If there is more than one parent on the account, each parent member will be invoiced this fee. You have more than one parent on the account because you have contacted the club to volunteer/officiate, so must be registered with Swim Engalnd. Please use the OnDeck app to check the members on your account.