Longford Swimming Club Vision:

The vision of longford swim club is to instil a life-long love of swimming and to build a program of excellence in training, team unity and character development where every swimmer will gain increased personal confidence due to their swim ability and their club membership. To deliver a Long-term Athlete Development programme, where the training and competitive programme for each individual is appropriate to their stage of development and talents and bring all swimmers along their individual journey to achieve their full swimming potential and compete up to the highest level of provincial, national and international standard.

LSC Development Plan

The development of Longford Swimming Club has been an on-going effort by successive Committees and Coaching staff for many years. Typically this has been managed and delivered though the Committee/AGM management process. The plan was significantly revised in 2012 to reflect the challenges that will face LSC in the next 3 years in delivering on the club Vision and to identify the projects and tasks are needed to ensure the achievement of the clubs objectives going forward.

The vision of Longford swimming club will be delivered through the furthermost of the following Objectives –

1. Develop the Club trough improved Administration & Governance management

2. Ensure Secure and Happy Training Environment

3. Improve Club Communications and Social aspects of club membership

4. Maintain/Increasing Participation & Membership at the Club / Recruitment

5. Continue Workforce Development (coaches, officials, volunteers etc)

6. Aquatic Development – Implement a Long Term Athlete Development Strategy within the club

7. Ensure a sustainable Funding & Finance footing for the club

8. Improve Facilities and Develop Infrastructure

9. Build Community Links (e.g. School Club Links, Youth Organisations)

Please give your input to this plan at any time through contacting  your Club Co-ordinator or any Committee Member regarding the vision, the objectives or initiates that you would like to see introduced to further the development of Longford Swim Club.