Competition Calendar

Please see below the outline Calendar that LSC expect to be attending as a Club in the coming season.  Note it is important that children sign up for the respective galas on time as per the dates provided – Late entries will not be accepted please email [email protected] if you can’t get to the pool to sign up.

Calendar 2016/17 will be available shortly

Note for all these galas (apart from the Trojian Gala) swimmers are asked to pay just a single €5 entry fee with the club sponsoring the remaining part of the entry fee (which ranges from €4-€8 per event).  However, if you enter a competition and then do not turn up on the day, the club is still charged the full cost for each race. The parents of Dolphins and Sharks will be expected to refund the club the cost of each entry. The swimmer will not be allowed to enter another gala until this is paid. Be aware that most other swimming clubs ask their members to cover the whole cost of each gala!

While the above calendar is the galas that the LSC club will be entering as a club, there are many other galas taking place across the country.  If parents wish to enter their children in other galas that are taking place around the country, they must pay the full entry fee for that gala and note that the club will not be organising a coach or team manager for events other than those listed above.  However, if adequate notice is given the LSC Gala Secretary will facilitate these entries.  In such cases  please email [email protected] with the details of the gala, the child, and the events they wish to enter – note latest entry to the LSC gala secretary is 6pm sunday before the official entry date listed for the gala.  Often entry fees need to be paid in advance so please allow plenty of time to process all this.  A full list of galas taking place across the country can be found below – Swim Ireland Aquatics Calendar 2016-17