When you are showing progress in your swimming the coach may suggest that you join the Minnows.

Now that you know how to swim we want you to be able to do it even better. This means more of a commitment from you, as training sessions are now four times a week. You will need to bring along fins and a float to help you in your training.

We encourage all Seals and Minnows to attend the Fun Gala that takes place. This gives you the chance to find out what it is like to be involved in a competitive event as well as show off how good you are.

It’s not about winning. It is about getting your own personal best time – your PB – so that you can try to improve it at all the galas that you’ll do in the future.

LSC Minnows – Squad System Structure – Criteria and Skills

Group Representative: for any queries that you may have.


Training sessions are divided into two terms. Each term costs ( per year).

Deck Duty - Via WhatsApp Group

Training Timetable

Tuesday 5.45-7pm

Thursday 5.45-7pm

Friday 3.45-5pm

Sunday 11-12am