1-4 Hours Before Race

Carbohydrate: Breakfast cereals (eg porridge, muesli), bread (rolls, baps, pitta, bagels, wraps, wholemeal scone); potatoes, pasta, rice, cous-cous, noodles, sweet potato, beans, fruit, fruit juice, low fat smoothies. Low fat yoghurt. Aim for 1-4g carbohydrate/kg body weight in the 1-4 hours before exercise

Protein: Choose low fat options like skinless chicken, turkey, lean beef, beans, nuts, seeds, low fat milk/yoghurt/cheese

Rule of Thumb – The Closer the competition time before you eat, the smaller the meal and lower the protein and fat content of the meal.

30-60 Minutes Before Race

Eat a carbohydrate rich, low fat, low fibre snack or drink.

Examples: Fresh/dried fruit (raisins, dates), low fat yoghurt/yoghurt drink, smoothie, low fat custard/rice pudding, cereal bars, fruit cake or raisin bread.

Within 30 Minutes of Race

Eat a carbohydrate rich snack with a little protein.

Aim for 1-1.2g carbohydrate/kg body weight immediately after race.

Examples:Low fat yoghurt/yoghurt drink, low fat chocolate milk, ham/turkey/tuna sandwich, low fat smoothie/milk shake, fruit and nut mix.

Recovery Meal

Eat within 2 hours of finishing all competitions

Include fluids, carbohydrates, lean protein, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats (olive oil, seeds and nuts)

Fluid Intake Tips

  1. Start each day well hydrated – aim for plenty of pale coloured urine.
  2. During competition days water is ideal. Drink water throughout the day (aim for 2-3 litres of water). You may wish to take sports drinks during your warm up to keep carbohydrate stores topped up.
  3. Start rehydrating immediately after each race. Weigh before and after each race (minimal clothes, towel dried). For every kg body weight lost replace with 1.5 litres fluid.