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New Facebook Page Launch

We are delighted to launch the Severnside Tritons Swimming Club Facebook page. You can find it by searching in Facebook for @SevernsideTritonsSwimmingClub (link here

The aim of the page is to widen the reach of the Club in the local area and allow swimmers and parents to share in the achievements and successes of everyone associated with the Tritons.

You will see that we have created a welcome video and thank you to all those who kindly contributed content, and the aim is to provide regular updates now that we are close to returning to training, and hopefully at some point in the future a return to competitive swimming.

By following (and liking) the page, sharing, liking, and commenting on the posts, the aim is to widen the reach of what we do, and share the achievements and progress of all swimmers, which will hopefully inspire and encourage new swimmers and parents to join, which is so important for the Club to ensure it evolves and flourishes in the coming months and years.

Important to note: The Club will continue to provide Club, training, gala and other updates through email and the Team Feed on the website and the OnDeck app. The Facebook page will not replace the formal communications through email, phone, or in-person, for parents who wish to ask the Club questions.