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As a competitive club we do not provide lessons to teach children to swim but work with the Learn to Swim schemes  of the Leisure Centre facilities we train in and other private swim schools. The pool operators are Circadian Trust for Thornbury and Bradley Stoke and Everyone Active at Stratford Park, Stroud. We would encourage those wishing to learn to swim, to enrol in one of the Leisure Centre provided schemes.

The ideal age to start to develop as a competitive swimmer is 7-9 years old. These young ages are the ideal time for swimmers to acquire new skills. It is very rare that swimmers reach an adequate skill standard by just attending public swimming lessons. Swimmers can start acquiring skills later than these ages but they still need a period of time to learn skills and will be developmentally behind some of their peer age group.

We accept swimmers from the age of approximately 7 years old into our Minnows or Clublink Groups. These swimmers can already swim but wish to commit to more regular swimming and want to increase their number of swim sessions to improve more rapidly. Swimmers would normally start with joint swimming in Leisure Centre lessons and club sessions until they are strong enough to transition to solely club competition groups.

The "Minnows" session at Thornbury and the "Clublink" session at Bradley Stoke are specifically in place to support this transition.

If you are interested in starting to swim with Severnside Tritons please Request a trial by selecting the button below or select the "Trial Request" button on our homepage, and fill in the simple form.

Circadian Trust (Thornbury and Bradley Stoke)

‘Our Active Aquatics Swimming Lessons are for children aged 3 months through to adults of all ages.

Learning to swim and being confident in the water not only has health benefits, it can also lead onto a whole range of other sporting opportunities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing and sailing.

Our Active Aquatics Swimming Lessons follow the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway. Our programmes and teachers are continuously developed in the latest techniques, ensuring our teaching standards remain the highest.

Badges and Certificate Awards

All our customers (no matter what age) can work towards achieving their own colourful graded badges and certificates to mark their achievements.  Babies work towards the Duckling Awards moving onto the Active Aqua Awards alongside ASA Stage badges.’