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On behalf of Aquabears Swimming Club we would like to welcome you and your child to the club. The club provides opportunities for young people to compete at various levels. 

This pack contains some basic information about our structure and hopefully answers some of the many questions you may have.  We also have a website where all the latest information can be found.


The Committee is responsible for running the Club on a day-to-day basis. It consists of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and a number of elected members.  A full list of the Committee Members is on the notice board.  If you have any questions regarding the running of the club, please feel free to speak to anyone on the Committee.

Please make a point of checking the notice board every time you visit the club as it is constantly updated with news and events.  We also have a bi-monthly Newsletter that is distributed to parents and is also available on the notice board and on our web site. Should you miss your copy, there is a supply in the pockets beside the notice board.

The majority of people who run the club are volunteers.  All personnel who have any contact with the children are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Scheme) checked. We also have a Club Welfare Officer, Collette Bailey, who is responsible for ensuring that our Child Protection Policy is implemented.  Collette can be contacted on 07904903238 should you have any concerns.

The Club meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The club committee consists of the following posts, which are filled each year at the AGM:




Welfare Officer                              

Membership Secretary    

ASA Membership officer

Head Coach                                      

Press Officer                                    


Competition Secretary                 

Committee Members

Outside of the committee there are numerous jobs or tasks that need to be done to keep the club running. If you are interested in helping but not being on the committee, please speak to an existing committee member for a list of those jobs and to put forward for any you might have a particular talent for.

Membership Details and Application Form

In order to compete under the name of Aquabears S.C. and to ensure that all swimmers are covered by ASA insurance during competition, it is necessary for all swimmers to join Aquabears Swimming Club. Membership commences annually on January 1st and lasts until 31st December.

Membership Fee

For swimmers joining the club there is currently a membership fee of £25.00. This fee covers admin costs, insurance at swim meets and payment of coaches expenses for attending meets.

Along with the Membership Form please also complete and return the following enclosed forms:

            -  Code of Conduct

            -  Photograph and Video Consent and

            -  Medical Information Form.

All forms must be completed signed then printed and returned, along with a cheque payable to Aquabears SC. 
If you have changed clubs during the last year you may need to complete a new ASA registration form. All swimmers must be registered with the ASA as a Category 2 swimmer and made dual recognition if they also swim for another club, the relevant forms can be obtained from the Membership Secretary. Please contact the Membership Secretary to discuss. 

All forms should be returned to the Membership Secretary: 
Email: …………………………………………… 
If you are no longer swimming with Aquabears SC, please email …………………………………….. so that we can delete your information from our records. Thank you for your support in the past. 
There is always a need for new members on the Committee and other volunteers. Please come and join and have some say in what happens within the Club. New ideas and initiatives are always welcome. Get involved!! 
Thank you for your co-operation and good luck with your swimming.

Aquabears S.C. & The Bears ATS Relationship

Aquabears is the recommended outlet for competition for all Bears ATS swimmers. Swimmers and parents will be offered the opportunity to join Aquabears as part of an agreement between the two parties and information will be shared between them.

All Coaches from the Bears are also part of the agreement and will be asked to attend competitions on behalf of Aquabears.

Aquabears also runs a number of competitions, which require the expertise of individuals within the Bears programme, and there is an agreement in place for this.


“Every swimmer must have the opportunity to swim in appropriate quality competitions to enable them to achieve their true potential.”


Club Galas

Any Age

Usually entry by swimmer, and entry fees paid by swimmer, if


Inter-Club Galas with 8 or less clubs.

9 yrs & older

Selection by Club.

Leagues (e.g. M&D Team League)

9 yrs + (Relays only)
10 yrs & older
(Individual events)

Selection by the Club.

County Championships

10yrs & older

Individual and relays
Entry by swimmers achieving entry qualifying times and paying

entry fees

Open Meets (all types)

9yrs & older

Entry by swimmers being within qualifying times and paying entry


 Regional Competitions (e.g. North West )

11yrs & older

Entry by swimmer achieving qualifying time and paying entry fees

ASA British Junior Championships & English Nationals

13-18yrs & over

 12-17yrs & over

Individuals, Swimmers achieving national qualifying invitation will be

Entered and entry fees are paid by the Club

For each category the age specified is the age of the swimmer at midnight on the 31st day of that year

However, note for the league swims this differs from league to league.


All Open Meets (for any swimmer affiliated to an ASA registered club) are licensed according to the purpose of their competition as level 1, 2 ,3 or 4:-

Level 1            Intended for swimmers seeking national qualifying times

Level 2            Intended for swimmers seeking regional qualifying times

Level 3            Intended for swimmers wishing to achieve a county qualifying time

Level 4            Intended for club swimmers and those beginning to enter individual open competitions and restricted to club members only.

NB. There are currently not many licensed 4 meets available and most newcomers to open meet competitions enter licensed level 3 meets.

Licensed 2 & 3 meets have advertised upper qualifying times which means that swimmers who have previously achieved times faster than the upper limit time are not eligible for the event; although some event organisers may permit faster swimmers to enter for time trialling purposes. Swimmers faster than the upper time limit , on the day of competition, may be given a “time penalty or speeding ticket” at the meet and are not eligible for a placing award.

Licensed meets 1 and 2 and most license 3 (not all) also have a lower qualifying time that a swimmer must have already achieved in order to enter the competition.

For the majority of swim meets, entries are now done by an electronic entry system which accesses the A.S.A. national database of recorded times. When we enter a swimmer into a meet, for level 1&2 meets, the times are taken from the National database and are not allowed to be altered in any way. For level 3 meets, we may be allowed to enter times from time trials, which have not been recorded onto the national database.

The Aquabears Swimming Club performance records are currently kept and updated by the Head coach.  Personal Best records are updated frequently but ultimately it is the responsibility of the parent or swimmer to check that the records we hold are correct and up to date and to notify the head coach if they are not. To access your current best times, for all courses of pools and split times, please go to the club web site and click on the “Results” header. This will then have a link which will take you to our records database. The link is:


A competition calendar has been drawn up by our Head Coach and is on the notice board and these competitions are the only ones we will be entering. The club does not allow swimmers to enter meets outside this framework for sound LTAD reasons.  

Please note that the calendar is subject to change and updates and is primarily a guide to aid planning.  It is therefore very important to regularly check the calendar and notice board “Competition/Events” section for updates.

The calendar shows open meet entry date deadlines as a guideline only because many open meets are oversubscribed long before the deadline date.  It is therefore Aquabears policy to enter these meets as

early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Look out for entry deadlines on the web site and on the notice board.


If you have any questions or queries about competing please speak to either your group coach or Mark Crouch.

Understanding the planning process

The competition calendar is planned for the coming season from early September through to the season ending in July/August. The planning process follows LTAD guidelines and as training is based around cyclic intervals, it is important for competitions to be planned throughout the year to complement their training cycles. Cyclic periods vary from 24, 16 or even 8 week planned training periods with specific targets in mind, such as Counties, Regional or National championships. Lesser competitions are programmed into the clubs yearly calendar either for developing swimmers to obtain meet qualifying times or for swimmers to evaluate their progress through their training cycle.

It is important to understand that the calendar is planned so that swimmers do not over compete. One meet per month has been indicated as the physiologically desired maximum limit for developing swimmers. The reasons for this are:

  • Swimmers make small progressions, physically, on average after 3-4 weeks of continuous training; therefore the minimum training cycle is 8 weeks and monthly competitions can provide a positive feedback for the development process within the overall cycle.
  • Technical aspects of development such as strokes, turns and starts develop slowly and competitions planned monthly are a way for coaches to assess this development and provide feedback to swimmers on what they need to focus on over the next few weeks and what has or has not improved. The tactical side of swimming is also hard to get to grips with and monthly meets help develop this aspect and point to specific training practices. (Pacing, race strategies etc).
  • Missed sessions can physically put the development process back by 2-3 days and a week out can mean up to 3 weeks loss of progress. Therefore continuous competition will not allow for continuing development and provide negative feedback to the swimmer. Parents and swimmers should be aware of this in the event their child is ill or misses training through the cycle as this may adversely affect performances at the next meet.
  • If a swimmer is ill or injured prior to a meet, please speak to your coach as it may not be in the interest of the swimmer to compete at the next meet unless the coach wishes to assess technical developments during meet conditions.

No swimmer should rest by missing a session the day before leading into a swim meet unless specified by the coach. For the majority of meets swimmers should train through without rest, especially young developing swimmers. Otherwise there is a loss of long term development resulting in swimmers missing their target goals. (Remember a missed session can mean a loss in physiological development of 2-3 days). A coach will have target meets, which are planned for and appropriate tapers will be applied for specific swimmers. These target meets may be Counties, Regionals, Nationals or specific meets for other swimmers outside of these.


WITH THE EXCEPTION OF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – These are entered online at the ASA web site.

The following is the clubs meet entry procedure:

  • All meets are posted on the club web site and the notice board with appropriate qualifying standards if they are required for that meet.

  • Your group coach should advise you if you should enter a meet and give you the meet information sheet. You can check on our web site if you qualify for a particular meet by hovering over the “Club open meets” where a number of drop down boxes will appear, you then click on the first box to check and click a couple of filters to find out.

  • Coaches will not take cash or cheques from you. You can only pay online for meet entries. The money goes into the Aquabears account and we have to pay for all the entries and coaches passes by the closing date dictated by the meet organisers.

  • All entries on our online system go to the competition secretary who will enter them up onto the meet organisers electronic entry system and then emails it to the organisers before the closing date. We apply a closing date which is usually five days before the meet actually closes to allow the secretary to compile all the entries and to ensure all entry money has cleared in the bank. As we do not hold surplus money in our account it has to have cleared before we can pass the full payment over. If it is not paid on time we may have to remove a swimmer from an event.

  • When paying online you have two option boxes. One is to pay by bank transfer and the other is through paypal.

  • When paying by Bank transfer, could you please ensure you put in the comments box what the payment is for? E.g. Greater Manchester Autumn meet 2014.

  • If paying through paypal you will have two options, one is to use your paypal account if you have one and the other is to pay by debit or credit card. You are provided with those options when re-directed.

  • If you have any problems with this system or would like to know or understand more about meets and the National database, please speak to either Mark or David Crouch. We can provide computer demonstrations if required.


  1. You must swim events and galas that your Coach has selected you for unless by prior agreement.
  2. At Open Meets check when you should arrive with your coach and ensure you are there on time. Swimmers will be expected to arrive at least 15mins prior to the water warm up to take part in a dry-land warm up routine.
  3. Warm-up before the event and prepare yourself for the race.
  4. Warm up properly by swimming, not playing or stopping in the lane, turning practice should have taken place during your normal training sessions.
  5. A warm up protocol for meets is available in laminate form for swimmers to use at meets.
  6. Be part of the team. Stay with the team on poolside. If you wish to leave for any reason you must ask the Coach and Team Manager as they are responsible for you whilst at the meet.
  7. Listen for your race to be announced. Go to the marshalling area in time and report in. Take your hat and goggles with you. The team manager will normally inform you when and where to go.
  8. Support your teammates. Everyone likes to be supported.
  9. You must wear club uniform and hats when representing the club.
  10. Swim down after the race, if possible. Do not use this time to play.
  11. After your race report to the coach, not your parents. Receive feedback on your race and splits.


Warm Up Protocol

  1. Please arrive 15mins before the warm up is due to start.
  2. Complete a land based warm up routine prior to the water warm up using Dynamic Flexibility and also the use of Elastics and skipping ropes can be used during the meet for further warm ups.
  3. Please enter the warm up on time and complete the following warm up for a 30min warm up session:





Swim 8(6) x100 Freestyle, depending upon ability, 10secs RI at 40-50BBM HR. Pay attention to rotation speeds in the turns; speed into and out of turns and good streamlining. Distance swimmers will go a minimum of 800-1200mtrs.

Swim 8x50 (Alternating for form stroke) progressive each 2x50 to HR 20-30BBM with 15sec RI. Distance swimmers will work 6x50 at individual race pace.

Sprints from a block start to 25mtrs working on race stroke rate. The coach to provide feedback.

Recovery swim


  • Swimmers should ensure they warm up with the goggles they intend to use during the competition.
  • If the warm up time is less than 30 minutes the coach will revise the above warm up.


  1. Please ensure you have spoken to your coach immediately after the race for a de-brief. Proceed to the swim down pool and remove any leg suits before the swim down. Ensure you take your drink bottle and any food you require. Replacement fluid should be drunk immediately and taken throughout the swim down. Snack bars are ideal for immediately after the swim down.





Swim 6x100 with 20sec RI alternating Free-Back every 50m (Breaststrokers may include own stroke). The intensity should be at training HR 40-50BBM  or 60BBM for sprinters.

Swim 8x50m @ 50BBM using Free and No.1 but focussing on kicking.

During odd repeats (1/3/5/7) put in fast bursts of 5-10mtrs.

Swim 4x100m @50BBM alternating free-back

After 30secs RI measure heart rate. Heart rate should be near to or less than 100 beats per minute, then the swim down is complete.


Continue with further swims of 200m until heart rate falls.


  • All swimmers must complete a swim down unless otherwise advised by the coach.


Aquabears Swimming Club is a Swim 21 accredited club.  This is a ‘Quality Mark’.  It recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and quality services for the benefit of their members.

Swim 21 is the Amateur Swimming Association’s Club Development model – a planning tool, based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development, enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to achieve their full potential.  It focuses particularly on the needs of athletes – striving to provide them with the best possible support and environment.



Objective:- To provide guidelines outlining responsibilities and behaviour for all members of ASC and their parents, in order for the club to run smoothly. 

All codes of conduct are enclosed as separate documents.


As with any accreditation process, there is a certain amount of paperwork involved. One of the criteria of Swim 21 is to provide access to the following policies to all parents/guardians:

Child Protection Policy : ASA Equity Policy : ASA Insurance Certificate

If you would like to see a copy of any of these policies or have any queries please contact , Club Secretary.

The club’s constitution is available to view on the club web site or by asking a committee member for a copy. 

We hope you have found this pack informative.  Should you have any further questions please speak to any of the committee members who will be able to help you.

We are always keen to involve parents with the swimming club.  Should you be interested in getting more involved please speak to a Committee Member.  Thank you for swimming with Aquabears Swimming Club.