Joining Team Bath AS

To become a part of Team Bath AS, simply reach out to our membership secretary via email.


We organise trials for swimmers who possess suitable skills, allowing us to evaluate their abilities and providing prospective swimmers and their guardians with insight into our club.

At Team Bath AS, we prioritise the long-term development of athletes. Our structured training groups are designed to support this goal, guiding athletes from grassroots to elite competitive levels within the sport.

Transitioning from the University of Bath Swimming Programme

Selected swimmers from the University of Bath Swimming Programme will be directly referred to the Team Bath AS Academy Swimming Squad, ensuring their continued development in a club environment.

Transitioning from other clubs

Swimmers transferring from other clubs with competitive swimming backgrounds will need to provide details about their current training and competitive level. If suitable, these swimmers will be offered a trial placement in a group that fits their needs.

If your swimmer is affiliated with one of our partner clubs, please consult your head coach to facilitate a referral to Team Bath AS.

For competitive swimmers not affiliated with a partner club, please inform your current coaching staff of your intention to contact us. This courtesy will prevent any potential misunderstandings.

For swimmers from other swimming programmes, aquatic disciplines, sports, or school programmes

We welcome inquiries from swimmers involved in other swimming programmes and encourage connections with schools. Once again, please inform your existing club, school, or group of your intention to reach out to us to join or supplement your current training.