Medal Successes for Team Bath AS at British Summer Championships 2022

Promotions and Communications Officer TeamBath AS
Today marks the end of a fantastic week of swimming for Team Bath AS at Ponds Forge in Sheffield as the British Summer Championships 2022 comes to a close. Our ten superb Team Bath AS athletes competed alongside 1,861 other swimmers, representing the top 1% in their respective age-related events. To qualify to compete at such a prestigious event is a tremendous honour, and Team Bath AS is incredibly proud of all its swimmers.
Intense competition made Finals places hard to come by. Still, our swimmers gained valuable national racing experience, new personal bests (PBs), and some impressive results: 
Niamh Ward became British Champion in the 18 yrs 200 Back Finals, taking Gold in the event with a new PB of 2:14.22 and an impressive joint 2nd (Silver) in the 100 Back. She also qualified for the 50, 200, and 400 Free Finals placing 6th, 5th, and 6th, respectively. Laura-Ann Marshman had a terrific 16 yrs 50 Back Finals, finishing 5th. Rue Fowler was equally impressive by qualifying for the Finals three times in three different events, with her best result 7th in the 17 yrs 200 Back, and secured two new PBs along the way. Oliver Watts had a great swim in the heats qualifying for the 100 Back Finals, where he finished 9th, and he had a cracking couple of 17 yrs Freestyle events qualifying for the Finals in both the 50 and 100, finishing 6th in the 50. It didn't end there, however, with Katherine Butcher swimming hard in the 18yrs 50 Back and finishing 9th in the Finals. And last but very definitely not least, Oliver Saunders wrapped up the British Summer Championships 2022 perfectly with a 10th place in the 17 yrs 50 Fly with a new PB.
One of the other week's major highlights was the boys 17 yrs 400 Freestyle team as it was the first time in many years that Team Bath AS has qualified for the event. Our swimmers, Max Adams, Lawrence Martindale, Oliver Saunders, and Oliver Watts, finished the heats with a three-second PB coming in 16th, improving their ranking from 21st. A very credible achievement for such a young team in the 17 yr and over age group.
The Swim England National Summer Meet starts next week (5 - 9 August) when Team Bath AS is back in action in Sheffield. It is Swim England's biggest domestic swimming event of the year so stay tuned to  Team Bath AS Twitter  for daily results.
British Summer Championships 2022 full results:
Max Adams (17)                      200 Fly (15th), 100 Fly (15th)
Katherine Butcher (18)          100 Back (19th), 50 Back (9th)
Mark Edmundson (19)           100 Back (19th), 200 Back (12th), 50 Fly (15th)
Rue Fowler (17)                      Finalist  100 Back (9th),  Finalist  200 Back (7th), 200 IM (10th)
Laura-Ann Marshman (16)    100 Back (14th), 200 Back (22nd), 50 Back (5th)
Lawrence Martindale (18)      800 Free (12th)
Oliver Saunders (17)              Finalist 50 Fly (10th)
Oliver Watts (17)                     Finalist  100 Free (9th), 50 Free (6th), 50 Fly (13th)
Niamh Ward (18)                     Finalist  200 Free (5th),  Finalist  100 Back (Joint Silver / 2nd),  Finalist  50 Free (6th) ,  Finalist 200  Back (Gold / 1st), 400 Free (6th), 50 Back (13th)
Poppy Williams (15)               200 Breast (23rd), 100 Breast (17th)
Max Adams, Lawrence Martindale, Oliver Saunders & Oliver Watts   (17+)  4 x 100 Free Relay: (16th)

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