Team Bath AS Academy Swimming Programme (Effective 13th February 2023)

Team Bath AS Academy Swimming is a uniquely placed development programme that offers enthusiastic swimmers the opportunity to advance competitive swimming skills and increase overall fitness in a local community club environment. Open to swimmers in the Bath area, the new Academy benefits from the unique coaching expertise that is the cornerstone of the established Team Bath AS Performance Swimming programme.

What the Academy offers

Opportunities to join performance swimming

The programme will provide the foundation for future success for aspiring competitive swimmers by developing the technical skills and stroke techniques needed to train for competition. In addition, swimmers at this level will learn to train in groups in a positive, safe and friendly environment.

The Academy also offers swimmers the chance to progress to Team Bath AS Performance Swimming, where the longer-term goal is to start competitions and work towards the top levels in competitive swimming.

Additional training for participants in other sports

We will help swimmers build endurance and skills to benefit other aquatic disciplines such as triathlon, biathlon, water polo, open water, and synchronised swimming. Our training is also relevant and complementary to a wide range of land-based sports and will benefit athletes seeking to increase stamina and cardiovascular and aerobic fitness.

Increasing fitness

For enthusiastic swimmers who just want to be fitter, we will provide a structured and enjoyable way to increase fitness through exercise in a safe environment, promoting positive health and mental well-being.

Skills for life

We champion the learning and development of new skills by helping to increase self-confidence and build resilience through participating in fun challenges together. In addition, we actively encourage swimmers and their parents/carers to focus on individual self-improvement rather than comparisons with others.

Who is the Academy programme suitable for?

  • Swimmers aged 8-13 years
  • Swimmers who have achieved ASA Swimming Certificate Level 7 or above through a Learn to Swim Programme, Swim School, or from a private swimming instructor
  • Swimmers referred from the University of Bath Swimming Programme identified by their coach/teacher
  • Swimmers who already train in other aquatic sports at an appropriate level

The Team Bath AS Coaching Team will determine a swimmer's suitability for all our Squads based on the level of skills, training, and previous experience.

Joining the Academy

For more information and details of our fee structure, email our membership secretary.

All swimmers in the Academy will need to become a member of Swim England as Team Bath AS is an affiliated club. Details will be provided with your membership.

Swimmers must adhere to the Code of Conduct for Swimmers.

Timetable (all sessions at Bath Uni STV)

  Finish Squad Turn Squad Start Squad Pathway
Tuesday 18:00 to 19:00      
Thursday 18:00 to 19:00      
Friday 18:00 to 20:00 19:00 to 20:00 18:00 to 19:00  
Saturday 13:30 to 14:30 14:30 to 15:30  

14:45 to 15:30 

Sunday   18:00 to 19:00 17:00 to 18:00  

Note: this is the general pattern of training, and there may be occasions when we have to change the training times due to the availability of the pool. 


Initially, no extra kit is needed, just a swimsuit, goggles (plus spare pair), and hat. Swimmers are expected to have a drink bottle with water. As swimmers progress through the Academy, they may be asked to bring extra equipment (see the Academy equipment list).

Contact us

If you are an existing Academy member and have any questions or feedback, please email us

Your email will be forwarded to the relevant coach or volunteer, who will reply to you.

To tell us that your swimmer cannot attend training, email the academy coordinator.

Your email will be passed to the coach, but please note that you may not receive a reply.

Please note: Team Bath AS is managed by volunteers, and we expect all families to support the club by getting involved by volunteering for positions that support its functioning and giving their time to help us run our events.