Team Bath AS Masters Swimming

Team Bath AS Masters Swimming is a new program giving competent swimmers age 18+ access to regular weekly coached sessions in the Olympic-size 50m pool at the University of Bath.

Our Masters program is perfect for adults who want to advance swimming skills, increase overall fitness and enjoy a local community Club environment.

We welcome new and existing Masters swimmers aged 18 and over who swim regularly, want to train in a positive and enthusiastic environment while benefiting from the coaching expertise available at Team Bath AS.

Swimmers must adhere to the Code of Conduct for Swimmers.

Who are Master’s swimmers?

  • Adults who are returning to swimming after a break.
  • Adults who have not reached elite level but want to keep swimming.
  • Anyone aged 18+ who doesn’t want to take swimming quite so seriously.
  • Parents who want to swim while their children take part in other sporting activities at the University of Bath.
  • Adults who have found swimming later in life and want to be part of a like-minded group of people.
  • Adults who swim as a part of their training for participation in other sports.
  • Adults who regularly swim in public sessions but would like a little more direction and coaching.
  • Adults who use swimming as injury prevention or rehabilitation.

These are just a few examples, but the thing that most Masters have in common is that they want to swim with others as part of their social life.



At the present time the following sessions are available at the 50m Legacy Pool at the University of Bath.


Saturday session 1pm to 2pm

Wednesday session 9pm to 10pm


Please note that this is the general pattern of training and there may be occasions when we have to change the training times or cancel due to availability of the pool.


Fees (from September 2019)

£33 per month entitles you to attend either one or both sessions per week

£22 per month entitles you to attend one session per week.

We expect training to be offered for 45 weeks per year and will look at offering coached training over summer periods if requested.

There is no joining fee.

Team Bath AS Masters swimmers will also need to be a member of Swim England.  This can be arranged through the Club for those who are not already members.




No extra kit is need just your swimsuit, goggles (plus spare pair) and hat. Swimmers are expected to have a drink bottle with water.


Contact us

For further information on Masters Swimming at Team Bath AS contact [email protected]


Useful Links

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For more information contact [email protected]