Coaching team

Head Coach  Chris Alderton

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Chris joined Team Bath AS as head coach in 2017 and set about bringing a new approach to training and team culture to life. Drawing on his experience as a swimmer and passion for personal development, Chris has driven the introduction of pioneering personalised training and created a dynamic programme using the wealth of expertise in sports science and athlete development available at the University of Bath.

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Academy Coach  Liam Willcox

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Liam has a long history at Bath, having been a coach at the club earlier in his career before being appointed the Team Bath AS development coach in 2018 to help run the new Academy Swimming Programme.

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Assistant Coach Sarah Cozens

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As a former Olympic swimmer and knowledgeable coach, Sarah brings a unique mix of experience and expertise to Team Bath AS. Spending her childhood in Australia, she became a National Swimming Champion aged 13 and went on to compete on the international stage at the age of 16. So Sarah knows what it’s like to grow up with a love for swimming.

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