Management committee and volunteers

The Team Bath AS Management Committee is made up entirely of volunteers, many of whom put in significant hours to ensure the club meets its targets.

Club chair - job description - Sarah Gillett (email)

Secretary - job description - Steve Williams (email)

Treasurer - job description - Mark Kelly (email)

Welfare officer - job description - Tess Gibson  (email)

Membership secretary - job description - Suzanne Prichard (email)

Communications manager - job description - Vacant (email)

Fundraising manager - job description - Vacant (email)

Swim Mark coordinator - job description - Stephen Amor (email)

Training and development officer - job description - Nicola Butcher (email)

Open meet promoter - job descriptionDave Crawford (email)

Competition secretary - job description - Helen Ward (email)

Academy coordinator - job description - Ian Blacker (email)

The club also has a number of voluntary roles that aren't part of the Management Committee:

Partnership manager - job description - Jonathan Blake (email)

Volunteer coordinator - job description - Vacant

Officials coordinator - job description - Ben Whittle and Becky Lang (email)

Training organiser - job description - Phil and Nicky Butcher (email)

Health and safety officer - job description - (email)

Club kit officer - Charlotte Watts (email)

Data protection officer - Jonathan Blake (email)

Webmaster - job description - James Middleton (email)

Facilities booking coordinator - job description - Lynn Chappell (email)

To run and maintain the club, we rely on people offering to volunteer their help.

If you would like to help run the club, train as an official, or offer us some time and support, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact Nicola Butcher at [email protected]

For information on vacancies for volunteer roles, see volunteer vacancies.