Club Constitution (Feb 2018. Status: Approved)


2019 Team Bath AS AGM Notices


Insurance Certificate

SwimMark Certificate

SwimMark Network Certificate

IOS Approved Training Centre Certificate

Membership Form  (May 2018, Status: Approved).

Academy Membership Form (May 2018. Status: Approved).

Annual Medical Information Form  (June 2018, Status: Approved).

Photography Consent Form  (September 2017, Status: Approved).

Code of Conduct for Swimmers (September 2017, Status: Approved).

Code of Conduct for Parents (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Taster Session Health and safety Questionnaire 26 May 2018

Code of Conduct for Swimming Coaches (September 2017 Status: Approved).

Code of Conduct for Committee and Volunteers (September 2017 Status: Approved)

General Data Protection Regulation Documents

Data Protection Policy (May 2018, Status: Approved)

Data Protection Member Notice (May 2018. Status: Approved)

Data Protection Junior Member Notice (May 2018. Status: Approved)

Data Protection Cookie Policy (May 2018. Status: Approved)

Competition Policy (under review)

Attendance Procedure (September 2017, Status: Approved)

Equity Policy Statement (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Safeguarding Policy Statement (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Safeguarding & Protecting Children & Young People Policy (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Anti-Bullying Policy Statement (September 2017, Status: Approved)

Mobile Device Policy (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Guidance on Social Media (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Health & Safety Policy (May 2018 Status: Approved)

Incident/Accident Form (July 2018 Status: Approved)

Health & Safety in Swimming Acknowledgement (May 2018 Status: Approved)

Visiting Swimmers policy (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Family Support Fund (April 2019 Status: Approved)

ASA Transport Policy (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Lane Sharing Policy (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Photography Policy (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Raising a welfare concern (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Swimmer Log Book

Volunteer Policy



ASA Complaints Procedure

Protocols for Child Safeguarding Investigations

ASA Good Club Guide to Social Media

Child Power Leaflet