Club Constitution (Feb 2018. Status: Approved)

Insurance Certificate

SwimMark Certificate

SwimMark Network Certificate

IOS Approved Training Centre Certificate

Membership Form  (May 2018, Status: Approved).

Academy Membership Form (May 2018. Status: Approved).

Annual Medical Information Form  (June 2018, Status: Approved).

Photography Consent Form  (September 2017, Status: Approved).

Code of conduct - Children

Code of conduct - Coaches and Teachers

Code of conduct - Members, committee members, officials and volunteers

Code of conduct - Parents and guardians

Taster Session Health and safety Questionnaire 26 May 2018

General Data Protection Regulation Documents

Data Protection Policy (May 2018, Status: Approved)

Data Protection Member Notice (May 2018. Status: Approved)

Data Protection Junior Member Notice (May 2018. Status: Approved)

Data Protection Cookie Policy (May 2018. Status: Approved)

Competition Policy (under review)

Attendance Procedure (September 2017, Status: Approved)

Safeguarding & Protecting Children & Young People Policy (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Health & Safety Policy (May 2018 Status: Approved)

Incident/Accident Form (July 2018 Status: Approved)

Health & Safety in Swimming Acknowledgement (May 2018 Status: Approved)

Visiting Swimmers policy (September 2017 Status: Approved)

Family Support Fund (April 2019 Status: Approved)

Volunteer Policy

TBAS Child Welfare and Complaints Procedure Approved Nov 20

Discipline Procedure Approved Nov 20

Code of Ethics Procedure Approved Nov 20

Protocols for Child Safeguarding Investigations

ASA Good Club Guide to Social Media

Child Power Leaflet

Lane sharing guidance

Child safeguarding policy

Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy Approved Nov 20